Same sex marriage, politics and Open Office under Apache

First let me share some good articles to read from some academic friends of mine:

Opinion polling for the United States presiden...
Opinion polling for the United States presidential election, 2008, Barack Obama Mitt Romney (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Same sex marriage and politics
Obama announced that he supports gay marriage.  Mitt Romney mentioned that he was against it.  I’m sure Rick Santurum would oppose it also.  The reason?  Mitt Romney belongs to the Church of Latter Day Saints.  Rick Santurum belongs to the Roman Catholic Church.  Both churches  – along with Eastern Orthodox Churches – would oppose the Obama position.

Then ABC News does some analysis.  It’s shown that Obama’s declaration is popular with the younger generation.  It is also popular with a slim US majority.  So it appears this is a good political stance – or is it?

For years, I belonged to a  US Quaker church.  They believed in the inner light and worshipped in silence.  Then two males approached the church body.  They would join the church if they could get married there.  I made a choice and left the church, once I found out the church would marry the couple and let them join.

I still have friends among that Quaker body and receive their email newsletter.  But I can’t belong to their church.

Then came the news that Mitt Romney bullied some male – supposedly gay – in high school.  Some of his fellow high school witnesses are now doctors, lawyers and other professionals.  But the ABC news service asked a good question.  Isn’t the timing of this story a bit convenient?

My focus is on the economy.  Whether Obama eats hot chili peppers or Romney dances the rumba isn’t that important.  What matters to me is whom can best fix the economy. on a stick

OpenOffice under Apache

Its been a few months since Oracle turned over OpenOffice to Apache.  I have installed the first Apache release on my Dell and HP Windows computer.  There were a couple of minor glitches:

With the new release, you must specify a Java JRE.  There is this annoying button that prompts you, when you open a document.  It takes a while to go away, even when I try to follow the directions.  If you have a Windows environment, there should be a Sun JRE it finds automatically.

On my HP machine, the installer extracts the files but stops.  I had to go into the directory where the extracted files are found.  Then I had to click on the setup file to complete the installation.  I’m not sure what the problem is.  But I’m using the production version. I also notice that Open Office writer opens up on Windows start-up.

I still think OpenOffice under Apache will be better than under Oracle.  Not that Oracle had any issues – mind you.  I just like the Apache model and approach.

It should be interesting to see how the coming months shape up.  I joined their Facebook page and group.  Right now, there are not many people on it.



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