Facebook, Zuckerberg and the minister’s female mannequin

Mannequin (Photo credit: Night-thing)

Facebook, Zuckerberg and the minister’s female mannequin

First let me share some good articles to read from some academic friends of mine:

Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Developer Gara...
Mark Zuckerberg at the Facebook Developer Garage Paris, 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Things are not always what they seem

I’m on the mailing list of minister Larry Ollison.  He’s probably best described as a non-denominational , Baptist Pentecostal.  One of his best stories is the Two Ministers and a Mannequin.  You can read it here for yourself:

  • The Mannequin and the Two Ministers Mannequin

These two ministers have a change to get all items from a building.  They load them up in a truck and don’t have room for a female mannequin.  They need to take everything from the building.

Now in this story about Zuckerberg’s marriage, we find an interesting question.  Why did Mark wait for
Facebook stock to become public and get married a short time later.  Were these two events related?

The story goes on to speculate that it was to protect his stock options. This might be true.

Anyway, back to the ministers.  They put the female mannequin in the front seat between them.  Nothing seemed wrong until they ran low on gas. When they stopped at a gas station to fill up, folks keep looking at the two ministers, with the mannequin sitting between them.

So what appears to be a situation about the ministers, is not the real story.

As everyone knows, the stock went public.  Folks bought it for a certain price.  But it was devalued after the purchase.  For more info, see the following stories:

  • BOMBSHELL: Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Forecasts For Company In Middle Of IPO Roadshow Facebook Bankers
  • Scandal Brewing Over Facebook’s Actions At IPO Scandal Brewing

What can we conclude from the Facebook and the minister’s mannequin story?  Both explored factors that were not what they seemed.  Facebook stock value was not what it seemed, when small investors were buying it.  The mannequin riding with the minister was not what it seemed.

Bing Desktop

It’s cool.  You can find it here:

What it does is create a different computer desktop each day.  It’s also an optional install on the stand Windows upgrades for Windows 7.  I’m not sure about other Windows operating systems.



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