The Ultimate Healing Code book review

The Ultimate Healing Code book review

Twitter Scam and YouTube parody takeoff

I get this Twitter scam all the time – don’t fall for it.  See Don’t Let the ‘Bad Rumors’ DM Phishing Scam Hijack Your Twitter Account Twitter scam

Which video is better?

Now look at the YouTube original and popular parody – which do you like better? Note: I wrote this piece before ABC News made her the person of the week on July 13, 2012.

Carla Rae Jepsen version – 153,499,760 hits on July 13, 2012

Cookie Monster version – 3,984,312its on July 13, 2012

How far would you go for something free?

The healing codes

Cover of
Cover of The Healing Code

Today I will review The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue by Alex Loyd, PhD, ND and Ben Johnson, MD, DO, NMD.  You can find out more at their website (Healing Code website )  and Amazon (Healing Code on Amazon ).  It has gotten an overall favorable Amazon user rating.  I was able to get the book The Healing Code for free via my local public library.  And no!  I am not an affiliate of them, nor do I make any money from any positive comments – if any.

Another perspective

If you really can’t comprehend the original book, someone named Dr. Herry Graham has written a book entitled The Healing Codes: Underlying Principles at Underlying Principles.  But the original book is amazingly simple.  You can register for free stuff at their website. This allows you to join free calls each Wednesday and Thursday. If you have the book, you can register the book to get free access to written material, audio and video clips.

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My response

Beholder (Photo credit: Gnal)

To approach this book is like watching the Twilight Zone episode entitled Eye of the Beholder (see Bandaged patient).  We see this person’s face is all bandaged up.  We see the doctors and nurses talking about this being a hopeless care.  When the bandages are finally removed, we see a beautiful woman.  All the doctors and nurses have faces you might see in Hollywood monsters, aliens and creatures of the night.  They think the beautiful is hideous. We can use the analogy of the doctors and nurses being modern medicine and the bandaged creature being the system the book represents.

Is this science?

For the most part, it is based upon 90 percent scientific theory.  The book covers a great deal of time connecting the system to cellular memories, stress and quantum physics.  And the medical doctor came to the system after coming down with Lou Garrett disease, which he claims the system cured him.  This disease at ALS says it “damages motor neurons in the brain and spinal cord, causing them to shrink and disappear until the muscles eventually become paralyzed.” It is considered to be an incurable disease.

A forum discussion at HC Forum says, “The knowledge base of this healing system is founded in principles of quantum physics; the interactive functions of the brain, nervous system and endocrine glands; and understanding of how physiological stress stems from negative emotional patterns.”

Now science might disagree with cellular memory.  It is a subset of body memory, which many in the scientific world would disagree with.  But on a similar vein, you will find they just discovered the God particle.  In a Chicago Tribune article at God particle for dummies God particle, it mentions “scientists are still trying to figure out dark matter — which makes up 22 percent of the universe — and dark energy and something called string theory, which includes the possibility that we live in an 11-dimensional world.”  Is an 11-dimensional world that much more believable than cellular memory?

What is it?

quantum mechanics
quantum mechanics (Photo credit: Plucker)

This book is interwoven with info from psychology, alternative health and quantum physics.  Yet it is so simple, the scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz can comprehend it.  The authors do present a plausible theory of why this works.  There are some elements of spirituality – perhaps about 5% – 10%.

Observations for other systems

The only way to prove the system works is to try it yourself.  If I have the patience to spend many years learning and using classical homeopathy and Bach Flower remedies, then I have the patience to try this system out.  And everything you need to use the system is available in the book, along with the free supplemental website materials.

Cover of
Cover via Amazon

Let me add something I have noticed with Native American healing ceremonies.  When a Native American had a disease condition, such as a heart condition, they would visit a medical doctor or hospital.  The medical professionals would run the proper tests and give the proper treatment,  At the sane time, they would also partake of the proper healing ceremony. And I have witnessed stuff that can’t be explained by medical science alone.

The moral?  If you have a critical illness or emergency, then seek the proper medical treatment.  But also use avenues like the healing codes, proper spiritual healers and ceremonies, prayer, metaphysical and alternative healing approaches, etc.

On the other hand, I have read through the journals of the Bruno Groening circle of friends (BG Website).  I have noticed many cases worldwide where medical treatment couldn’t heal the condition or it was considered “incurable”.  The condition shortly heals after beginning the healing meditation.  And there is a medical doctor commenting on each journal case.  The group doesn’t charge for the help nor do they interfere with obtaining traditional or alternative medical care.

I have also read through the Christian Science literature, where doctors have conducted tests before and after the Christian Science healing.  Christian Science has made online inroads with procasts and videos at Christian Science audio/video and Daily Lift. So something like the healing codes collection of testimonials doesn’t surprise me one bit.

The Christianity of the authors

Artemis Healing Center Graph
Artemis Healing Center Graph (Photo credit: bartt)

Both authors talk about a God who is love.  This is the same God that the Charismatic Roman Catholic priest of Chicago talked about, who had a healing service after the mass.  He claimed God talked to him.  He also told him “you are my number one.”  But God also told him “all are my number one.”  It’s the same God Joel Osteen talked about.  It’s the same one folks like Mary Baker Eddie, Joel Goldsmith and Emmet Fox tried to approach and reflect upon.

Ted Talks on Medicine’s future

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