Aldis and Trader Joes came into my life – so try them maybe?

Aldis and Trader Joes – a successful pairing?

A minor league baseball incident

An umpire made an unpopular call during a minor league baseball game. Unfortunately, minor league baseball doesn’t have the luxury of instant replay.  Watch part of what happens next here:

In case you are wondering, the organ player started playing the song Three Blind Mice.  Then the umpire threw the organ player out of the game.

Prepaid cellphone plans

Then the New York Times did an interesting article.  They wrote about prepaid cellphone plans.  The article is entitled Prepaid Cellphones Are Cheaper. Why Aren’t They Popular? Prepaid telephone plans.  Now big companies would rather trap you into a two-year contract.  If folks knew more about what the plans offered, there wouldn’t be a rush to embrace two-year contracts.

And now the stores

Somewhere you will find a Trader Joes and/or Aldis.  It’s like throwing an organ player out of the game.  Perhaps the umpire could argue the organ player was “playing” during the game and we get into an argument about what is playing.  Or we buy the fancy two-year cell phone contacts, because we don’t know any better.  At least you will know better about checking out these two stores.

These stores operate in the United States.

Both are part of the same corporate umbrella, which is out of Germany.  Yet they are different as night and day – please forgive the cliche.

Trader Joes intro

Trader Joe's interior in Union Square in New Y...
Trader Joe’s interior in Union Square in New York City. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you go to Trader Joes, there are many store brands.  The store brand products are good and the price is better than commercial brands.  As an example, I can buy the Trader Joes brand of Earl Grey tea for around two dollars a box.  A compatible brand of Bigalow or Celestial Seasons tea is at least three dollars.  Now I can get the Target version of Earl Grey for two dollars – but it tastes flat (in my opinion).  The Trader Joes’ version tastes great and is well worth two dollars.

According to the Forbes article, “it now had a romantic travel and leisure image of the South Seas. Employees even wear Hawaiian type shirts. “

I like the free sample food and drink choice, which is found in the back.  Normally, I can get a juice, coffee, or some interesting food preparation.  And if I am lucky that day, an employee is there with some wines to sample.

There is also a wine called Charles Shaw, which only costs three dollars a bottle.  Yet it is comparable to bottles in the ten-dollar price range.

Aldis intro

A pile of Twinings' Lady Grey tea leaves
A pile of Twinings’ Lady Grey tea leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aldis is a discount store chain.  Recently they came up with 90 different Aldis truth. My favorite is Aldis truth #12: “We don’t match other stores prices because that means we would be raising ours.”  Not sure about that one.  I’m sure I could find comparable prices on some items at Walmart.

According to the Wiki article, “According to a 2002 survey conducted by the German market research institute Forsa, 95% of blue-collar workers, 88% of white-collar workers, 84% of public servants, and 80% of self-employed Germans shop at Aldi.”

In an article by the Consumerist at The Consumerist, it mentions that, “The article (i.e. New York Times) made an interesting point: Aldi is basically Trader Joe’s without the marketing.”

Not everything in an Aldis store is something I would by.  Take the eggs as an example.  I rather buy the organic eggs at the Dollar General for around the same price.  And I would skip the fresh fruit and vegetables.


English: A package of toasted soybeans, manufa...
English: A package of toasted soybeans, manufactured and distributed by Trader Joe’s. Shot taken by User:CoolFox (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Don’t think there is something deficient about stores specializing in store brands.  It’s almost like all the hype debunking Canada’s health care system.  Or the AARP attempts to comment on it.  They actually did an excellent job with 5 Myths About Canada’s Health Care System at AARP on Canadian health care.  And it’s better then Twitter’s current idea to make money.  It’s covered in The difficult challenge of media alignment Seth’s blog on Twitter

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