Wasting taxpayer resources – is this a murder scene?

Wasting taxpayer resources – is this a murder scene?

The first scene

Chicago police car
Chicago police car (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Last week, I wrote a blog post entitled The best way to start an US small business at US small business story. I met each Wednesday via Skype to talk about the business and technology ventures I wrote about.  At 7 PM CST on Wednesday, August 8,2012, the party I call Jay (i.e. all fictitious names) was unavailable.  Jay lives in the same condo building I do in Carol Stream, Illinois (USA).  I called and left a voice mail to join us, as well as a Skype text message.

The next day on Thursday, August 9, 2012, I followed up via email and copied the other person I call Ray on it.  Thursday went by without a response via phone, Skype, email or in-person.  It’s unusual for them not to show up.  If they had to be away, they would usually contact me.

On Friday, August 10, 2012, I sent a fax to the condo association.  I asked them to contact the emergency contact and ensure everything is OK, as they should have these numbers.  I got a call from the condo association manager informing me he contacted his sister.  His sister said he should be at home.

Handling the situation

English: Chicago police officers
English: Chicago police officers (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

About an hour later, I noticed a fire truck and ambulance show up.  They departed a few minutes later, with no sirens or alarms on.  I had to assume that Jay perhaps passed away.

Shortly afterwards, I noticed that 4 squad cars – three marked and one unmarked appeared on the scene.  Perhaps they thought this was a murder investigation?  Jay’s door was locked – no forced entry.  Nobody heard any gun shots. If they did, they would have informed neighbors and called the police.  I kept an eye on the squad cars.  The drivers stayed in their respective cars for about three or four hours.  The family members were also there.  After the time span elapsed, the cars all took off.

The next day I bumped into the family members.  I introduced myself to the sister, who was also a nurse.   She informed me that Jay was found bent over the bathtub.  A later autopsy fixed the cause as suffocation, but couldn’t explain why he couldn’t get up again.

College of DuPage
College of DuPage (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

College of DuPage

I have taken several classes over the years, from the College of DuPage (COD).  The courses have been in software engineering, philosophy, creative writing, literature and other disciplines.  In one class, an officer was presenting a project.  I asked the question, “what would the town of Mayberry do if they had a real murder?  Would they be able to secure help from the state police?”

The answer to the question was this: you could secure detectives from the Chicago police or the state.  Perhaps if the Carol Stream police thought a murder was committed, why not secure help from the Aurora police department?  They are very close and have much experience with gang killings.

So why have three marked and one unmarked squad car there for three to four hours, with the officers observed sitting in the car?

  • Is this a good use of taxpayer dollars and resources?
  • If you think a murder is committed, then you should secure the help of resources from either the Aurora or Chicago police homicide divisions.  Then you send in the proper resources to dust for fingerprints, interview residents, etc.


Perhaps the police department thought I was a murderer?  After all, I did report the problem to the property management company.  And I would be the most likely suspect on a typical TV crime show. I wonder if Inspector Jacques Clouseau would have handled things similarly?

But I have talked to Jay’s sister.  So far, the autopsy couldn’t pin when the death occurred.  They think it was on Tuesday, August 8, 2012.  But Ray and I noticed a database the three of us share was updated often on Wednesday, August 9, 2012.  We concluded it was on auto update.  I suggested the sister also have the computer examined.  In talking to a couple of computer experts I know, they mentioned:

  • You can tell when the computer was turned on and off (see Yahoo answers)
  • You can tell when an email was sent out.

The Carol Stream city council should tell the taxpayers of Carol Stream what was going on.  For me, a good friend and brilliant technology mind has died of natural causes.  I’ve been invited to and attended the Catholic memorial service.  And I will continue to work with the existing partner on the technology project.

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