Can you find a good watch for five dollars?

Can you find a good watch for five dollars?

Mike Royko started this

Boss (1971), Royko's unauthorized biography of...
Boss (1971), Royko’s unauthorized biography of Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley spent 26 weeks on the New York Times Best Seller list. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Remember Mike Royko?  He was a renown Chicago columnist.  He had a wit about him.  One day when Rupert Murdoch was buying the paper he was working at, he wrote that, “no self-respecting fish would wrap himself in a  Murdock newspaper.”

He also used to cut down Rolex watches.  These are luxury watches that cost a lot of money.  Mike preferred to wear a forty dollar Timex watch instead.  Not that he couldn’t afford a Rolex watch – he could.  But he was practical and looked on a watch as something just to keep time.

But I ran into a problem with Mike Royko’s Timex solution.

Electric shaver problem

The same thing happened when I used to use electric shavers.

Let me explain!

My plan was to use an electric shaver and just replace the key part when it broke.  And retailers would sell that part, which was cheaper than buying a new shaver.  But after buying one or two replace parts during the shaver’s life, they drop the shaver model.  They then sell a new model.  The new model resembles the old one but with a different model number.  Then you have to go through the purchase cycle all over again.  So I switched to disposable razors.

Royko watch again

Timex Field Watch

Now for the problem with Mike Royko’s Timex watch

The problem is that the band will wear out long before the watch does.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stretch metal or leather one – they break.  If I go back to a Walmart, Target or Meijer’s store, the watch sales person can’t put in a replacement band.  And it’s hard to find a suitable replacement band there.

On the other hand, a professional jeweler will charge for labor.  Their labor costs but the replacement band can run more than the watch originally cost.


Dollar General
Dollar General (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

dollar watch

But now I have found the perfect solution – I think!

Then I walked into a local dollar store named deals.  This store chain is owned by Dollar Tree, whom I visit, along with Family Dollar and Dollar General store chains.  I admit this says something about my frugality.  And you find me buying private label brands at Walmart, Trader Joes and Aldis.

But there on a frontal display by the checkout counter, Deals was displaying watches for five dollars.  I know I’m not supporting the buy USA movement, since they are made in China.  But do they work?  Let’s find out by buying one!

Now I meet my first problem.  The watch loses a few minutes a day.  But is it just a flaw with this particular watch?  I need to buy a second watch and see if it has the same problem.  Or it has different problems.  After all, you need to really test a solution.

Link problem of the week

Image representing Zemanta as depicted in Crun...
Image via CrunchBase

Reminds me of a problem this week.

Someone contacted me and asked to remove a link.  The article was talking about the YouTube video on SpongeBob Squarepants in China.  I mentioned some links to free SEO training. I can’t name the company, but will give you a hint:  If you copy this paragraph into the Zemanta site (Zemanta website), click the demo tab and run it – then apply all recommended links – the one labeled SEO Training might point to the company in question. This would be a good test to see if this software works consistently.

I told the requester that the link was requested by the software Zemanta.  I also mentioned that I was totally confused why the request was made, as it was a free inbound link to their website.  This was also the only article I know that referenced their website.  If they wished other links to be removed, they need to point the articles out to me.

Do they do any research and testing with SEO?  Are they familiar with how Google and Bing give a website higher page rank, etc?  And to top it off, this was the CEO of a website devoted to marketing professionals.

So back to the five dollar watches.  They will solve my band problem, as I only pay five dollars to replace the whole unit.  But I need to see if more than one watch runs slower than normal.  Or if they will improve the quality over time – for a similar price.

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