How Business Majors Can Become Better Business Writers

How Business Majors Can Become Better Business

Writer's Stop
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In the business world, communication matters. Specifically, being able to communicate well in writing can benefit you greatly as you try to advance your career after graduation. So much of how people communicate in the corporate world involves email, text messaging, and other forms of digital written communication. If you aren’t able to express yourself in a clear, simple, grammatically correct way in writing, people will be less likely to take you seriously and consider you competent. Becoming a better writer takes work, but it’s definitely within your reach. Here are a few things you can do while you’re still in school to develop as a more effective business writer:

Explore your elective options

Many business majors aren’t required to take business writing classes before they graduate. This often puts them at a disadvantage once they begin their careers. If your school offers technical and business writing courses as electives, consider taking them. What you learn in business writing courses will be of practical benefit to you and will ultimately equip you with the written communication skills you’ll need on the job.

Take your required English classes seriously

An overload of communications
An overload of communications (Photo credit: windsordi (absent for a week))

The grades you get in your required English and humanities classes won’t matter a lot once you enter the workforce. However, how much you learn in those classes will matter to some degree. Your English professors strive to teach you to write and to interpret what other people have written. They also teach you to think critically about how people communicate with each other in writing. If you take the readings and papers you’re assigned in English class seriously, you’ll come out of those classes with a new understanding of how powerful and useful words can be.

Write for fun

Writer Wordart
Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

Writing for pleasure may be the last thing you want to do after you finish your accounting homework or come home from a date. However, writing for fun does offer some perks. The more you write, the better you’ll become at writing. Additionally, writing can be an excellent way to express yourself and sort out your emotions. Since being a young adult is often complex and confusing, writing can help you thoughtfully assess issues in your life and develop action plans to deal with those issues. If you discover you actually like writing, you’ll keep on doing it, and you’ll approach professional writing tasks with ease in the future.

Consider the tips above as you prepare for your career in the business world after graduation, and remember that the ROI of becoming a better writer can be real!

Karen Smith is a freelance writer and avid blogger who primarily writes about online business degree programs, entrepreneurship, and marketing. When she’s not writing, Karen enjoys keeping up with the stock market and studying real estate trends. Karen appreciates your feedback; please leave comments below!

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