Alternatives to Windows 8 Auxiliary Software – part 1

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Python programming Course

Windows 8
Windows 8 (Photo credit: Andy_BB)

Before we start, if you want to learn Python in a weekend for $25 – look here at Python programming course.  It’s hosted by the International Association of Digital Forensics Investigators.   Don’t know why they need to learn this.

Broken technologies

I read an interesting article from Tech Republic this week.  It’s entitled 10 MORE technologies that are just plain broken at  Windows broken.  What’s interesting is that four of the ten relate to Windows:

Before we cover applications, let’s talk about a couple of items first.

Windows 8 Modern UI

Windows 8
Windows 8 (Photo credit: Andy_BB)

I had a walk through a couple of times at Office Depot.  I also had a change to visit my local PC repair shop.  I asked the owner his opinion of Windows 8.  He thought it was good for smart phones but totally confusing for Laptops and PCs.  I have to agree with him. Windows should have allowed the option to configure the system like Windows 7 for PCs and Laptops.

Here’s what the article had to say: “ Not only does the Windows 8 UI (formerly Metro) look like a child’s toy, it’s hardly an efficient use of space and movement. It’s clear that Microsoft is shooting for the multi-touch moon, but on a standard desktop, Windows 8 fails.”

But there are some articles about adding a start menu to Windows 8.

Secure Boot

The problem I see here is that older PCs, notebooks, laptops, etc., need a firmware upgrade to support this feature.  And upgrading older firmware (even less than a year old) to support secure boot, is not a top priority for hardware manufacturers.  It also is harder to set up dual operating system boots with this feature. So if you like the Ubuntu operating system it will be harder to configure with Windows 8.

Here’s what the article had to say: “Microsoft decided the best way to prevent boot-time malware was to create a system that actually made it easier for virus writers to create boot-time malware. Brilliant! During the process, let’s make sure you create an environment that makes it problematic to install other operating systems on a machine. Again, I say, brilliant! Secure boot was a bad idea from the start. Scrap it.”

Moving parts

English: Screen Shot of Installing Ubuntu Server
English: Screen Shot of Installing Ubuntu Server (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And moving parts in PCs?  Here’s a snippet from the article:  “Why is it that hard drives sold in modern machines still have moving parts? Moving parts break — especially ones spinning at such a fast rate.”

Auto parts experience

Wish the same could be said for auto parts.  Why do some engineers make certain parts easy to replace?  Yet other autos need to take out the engine to replace the part?  Recently I had to get rid of a 2001 Hyundai Sonata.  It had a cylinder misfire code, which Auto Zone diagnosed for me.   But it would first need a $750 alternator replacement.  Yet I can get a rebuilt alternator from 123 Auto parts for around $100 – just need a mechanic who would use rebuilt parts.

Safe Step walk-in tub experience

Or my experience of contacting a Safe Step Walk In Tub company representative.  It was for a tub for my handicapped mom.  So the tub representative gives a ruff estimate of thirteen thousand.  He asks the question how will we pay for this.  He also says that the walk in tubs from Home Depot are made in China, cost about five to seven hundred dollars and break within five years.

My response:

  • What incentives are you offering me to buy this expensive product?  Car sales offer financial incentives like zero percent financing for five years, etc.
  • Actually, buying a walk in tub from Home Deport, Menards or Lowes and replacing it every five years, is more cost-effective.  Over time, the quality of both the plastic and other materials will improve.  Same with the manufacturing process.

Spiderman Cliff hanger reviewed?

Remember last week I talked about Spiderman 700?  We learned in issue 698 that Doctor Octopus swapped brain patterns with Peter Parker.  In issue 699, it looked like Peter would get his brain patterns back – with some help from Spiderman villains.  But the ending was spoiled by some online leakage.  Let me just say this.  What would happen in issue 700 if Peter doesn’t succeed?

Let’s suppose that Spiderman ran out of his 700 minute time. Suppose he agreed to allowing Doctor Octopus to continue as Peter Parker / Spideman. Don’t you think that both Peter and Marvel have a fail safe plan to bring Peter back? Perhaps him loading a program to eventually allow Peter’s brainwaves to regain bodily control? Peter is still a tab smarter than Doc. But a hybrid of Doc/Peter would have much scientific knowledge.

Alternatives to auxiliary Windows software

Let’s cover the specifics next week – shall we?

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