Alternatives to Windows 8 Auxiliary Software – part 2

Last we, I published Alternatives to Windows 8 Auxiliary Software – part 1 Part 1.  Now let’s cover part 2.

Christmas Greetings

I like this video and shared it in part 1.  Let’s see it again in part 2.

Spiderman 700

Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man ...
Alfred Molina as Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2 (2004). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I mentioned last week that Marvel Comics Spiderman 700 is controversial.  Just Google “Doctor Octopus Superior Spiderman”.  You’ll find out what happens online.  Someone leaked the ending. Yet my local comic retailer did tell me the rumors are 100% true.

Suppose they are correct.  Doctor Octopus has been inhabiting Peter Parker‘s body – at least it has Doc’s brain waves.  We find Peter’s brain waves  trapped in a dying Doc Ock body.  What does Peter do?  He gets some old villains to break him out.  Then he tried to reverse things – within 700 minutes (about 11.67 hours).  But  Doc has traps, measures and counter measures in place. Here’s my objections:

  • What does psychology and psychiatry say about different personalities inhabiting a body? Isn’t the personality of Otto Gunther Octavius radically different from that of Peter Parker?  Just look at any book on personality disorders (i.e. The Three Faces of Eve).
  • Would a leopard suddenly change it’s spots?  Why should Doc Ock become “good” just because he can be Spiderman? Otto was doing bad things all though issue 700 and prior issues
  • How would Otto as Peter Parker shield himself from scientific, telepathic and mystic/magical probes?
  • What would I do if I were Peter?  I know that Doc Ock has many contingency plans. Remember the old saying – the enemy of my enemy is my friend?  Why didn’t Peter just contact his enemy the Jackal?  Then he could just transfer his brain waves into a clone?  Then he could work with the Jackal to defect Doctor Octopus.  After all, the Jackal is also brilliant. I’m sure the Jackal would help – for a price. This would also allow Peter time to defeat both enemies. Why didn’t Peter think of that?

Frankenstein is now a hero in the DC Comics world (DC gives the creation the same name as the creator). Suppose Bruce Wayne decided to retire as Batman.  He wants to focus on business and humanitarian endeavors.  He asks Frankenstein to take over the Batman mantel, while he finances everything.

Would the old Batman audience be happy?  Can the old Spiderman audience be happy with rumors of leaked endings – if true? One could argue that the composite knowledge and intellect of Otto and Peter is one smart dude.

A Windows video player

English: VLC icon
English: VLC icon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The VLC media player from VideoLAN is great!  I’ve  purchased two video academic lecture series for around thirty-five dollars each.  Great stuff from the Teaching Company – normally around two hundred dollars.   But I’m not watching them on Windows media player.  The VLC player is open source and free.

Nor do I really need RealPlayer or QuickTime players.  If you download the file from FileHippo, you can get the 64 bit version.  I have run the 64 bit version without issue.

Mail Client

Windows has it’s own mail client called Windows Live Mail.  But I prefer Mozilla Thunderbird.  It’s the same group that brings you the browser FireFox.  But it won’t work with Yahoo mail accounts – unless you pay Yahoo a yearly toll.  Please use the VMWare mail client instead.

Microsoft Office

I really don’t know why anyone would pay for this product.  It’s good!  But can’t you get the same functionality from Google Docs, Open Office or Libre Office for free?  And in some of these products, you can convert the documents to a Microsoft Office format – and vice versa!


VLC-streaming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IE is really not a bad browser.  But I think FireFox and Google Chrome are as good – if not better!  I know FireFox goes through a regular and frequent upgrade cycle.

Windows Utilities

I would recommend using the free versions of these utilities:

  • Ccleaner – Optimization and Cleaning
  • Defraggler – Disk Defragmentation
  • Recuva – File Recovery
  • Speccy – System Information

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