Death Threats for Superior Spider-man author and Windows software alternatives?

Death Threats for Superior Spider-man author and Windows software alternatives?

Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man
Peter Parker gives up being Spider-Man (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Calvary Herard  and the Huffington Post did a summary of Spiderman issue 700.

Can you tell what these blog posts have in common?

Spider-Man No More!
Spider-Man No More! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you know what all these articles have in common?  Dan Slott is the writer who killed off Peter Parker.  He put the brain waves of Doctor Octopus – a notorious Spiderman villain – within the body of Peter Parker.

As a literary critic, I did criticize this narrative direction (Yes, folks.  Comics are considered as literature).   But this doesn’t mean one should issue death threats to an author.  After all, Marvel Comics did approve this story – they are publishing it.  And Disney and Warner Brothers own DC Comics and Marvel Comics (it eludes me who owns which comic source).  The proper thing to do is just to boycott buying the magazine and complaining in letters, social media, etc.

If I were Dan, I would seek the help of the proper law enforcement authorities.  Have them investigate these threats.  Law enforcement would also seek the help of the proper Social Media and Internet Service provider companies. I talked to the manager local comic book store manager.  He said, “Some people take their comics to0 seriously.”

The US seems to have an onslaught of mentally ill people going on killing sprees.  Folks say we need to outlaw guns – or greatly reduce what can be purchased.  But what about providing treatment to mentally ill people?  We are the only country without  a universal health care system.  And we are the only country that repeatedly finds killing sprees in the news.

The mentally ill can distort comic book heroes and villains.  Remember James Holmes, who allegedly (i.e. legal stuff, until tried in a court of law) killed several people during a Batman movie?  He thought the Joker had orange hair.  In reality, all the film and comic versions show it as green.

Windows software alternatives

Microsoft Windows -
Microsoft Windows – (Photo credit: Topsy@Waygood)

Want a good list of alternatives to Windows software?  See Superior Alternatives to Crappy Windows Software Windows software alternatives

Some of the pointers are good.  I’m already using some.  Some I disagree with.

  • Adobe reader might be resource intensive but it is still good.  They are the best to keep up with changes to their software.
  • Winamp is a good alternative to Itunes.  I just associate play lists with Winamp and video and audio files with VLC (an open sourced media player).
  • I like Notepad+ and it’s good for programming languages also.
  • I hear good things about Windows Security Essentials.  My local PC repair shop likes it.  If I didn’t get Norton Security Suite free with Comcast, I would use it. Avast would be my second choice.
  • They are good with recommending Google docs and Libre Office over Microsoft Office.  They just forgot there’s also Open Office – or did they?
  • I do use 7-Zip and a couple of alternative IE browsers they endorse.
  • I still use Skype even though Microsoft owns them.  I just don’t use it for paid phone calls.



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