Obihai Jitsi conflicts, the house paint wizard and superior spider-man

Obihai and Jitsi conflict

English: The Jitsi logo
English: The Jitsi logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A while back, I wrote an article entitled Day NetTalk Duo died – I discovered Obihai for Google Voice at Blog Post.  Recently, I was searching for Skype alternatives.  There’s an article entitled Fed Up With Skype? Here Are 6 Of The Best Free Alternatives at  Blog Post.

The open source tool entitled Jitsi looked promising.  There’s some YouTube videos talking about it at Blog Post. Here’s the problem.  I install the software and set up some accounts on it.  Then I test it with a technology friend with Jitsi.  Guess what?  When he tries to video conference me via Google Voice, it rings my Google Voice phone.  This is connected to the Obihai device.

Now I can use the chat features with no problem.  But I do get some unauthorized connection requests.  Reject!  Reject!

  • Jitsi is a good tool.  But it lacks some things I find with Scribus (i.e. open source desktop publishing software).Scribus has a user forum, where you can ask questions.
  • Software is hosted on SourgeForge, which helps for software collaboration.

I suspect that Obihai has an exclusive hold on Google Voice.  Speaking of which, they have given a 2013 on free calling.  I wonder who they plan on eventually competing with on price?  Is it services like NetTalk, MagicJack and Skype?  Or more upscale pricing services like Vonage and Comcast?

Watch for M2M technologies in Smartphones.  A good article to read is Five reasons why next-gen smartphones need M2M Blog Post.

The house paint Wizard of Oz

My condo interior is painted with Benjamin Moore Polar Sky 1674. You can get Benjamin Moore paint  at Ace Hardware.  There’s a store about 1 mile from me. Yet there’s also a Home Depot (i.e. Behr paint) and a Glidden paint center 1 mile away. Perhaps I can get a compatible color somewhere?

Then I discover My Perfect Color (i.e My Perfect Color) to find a compatible Behr paint color.  For a mere $10, they claim to match the color.

Here’s what the Polar Sky looks like:
polar sky 1674 Paint - Benjamin Moore polar sky Paint Color Details - Google Chr_2013-01-08_15-49-05

Here’s what the computer said is a compatible Behr color (i.e. Sweet Mollasses):
BEHR Premium Plus Ultra 8 oz

Say, what?  I can do a visual on some Behr blue color samples.  And I can pick a better visual match.  Better yet,  I  can bring in a paint sample.  Then Home Depot or the Glidden paint center computer matches it – for free.  No ten dollar service fee!

Superior Spider-man

The fateful spider bite that gave Peter Parker...
The fateful spider bite that gave Peter Parker his powers. Amazing Fantasy #15, art by Steve Ditko. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Peter Parker is still around.  I think this new artistic writing direction is brilliant.  Perhaps this will silence the crazy folks giving writers death threats. The writer has everyone fooled.  Can they keep up the momentum since issue 1?   Here’s what I shared to the editor:

Superior Spider-man #1 is a piece of brilliant writing.  Where did you dig up all the grade B characters?  It’s almost as fun as watching grade B science fiction movies.  It’s as entertaining as Bruce Banner now getting his current scientific recognition.  But I do have some questions.

  • With Peter still hanging around, wouldn’t Dr. Strange get wise to what’s going on?
  • In the DareDevil crossover, couldn’t Matt detect lies via the heartbeat?
  • How will Otto shield himself from telepathic heroes?
  • Wouldn’t someone smarter than Otto (i.e. Doctor Banner, Reed Richards or Doctor Doom) figure something is wrong and investigate?

Homeland security and Java hackers

This is big!  Let’s talk about this next week

Academic and business blog posts

Here are some blog posts I recommend from academic and business acquaintances of mine.

Why so many blog posts about kids?  Because we have too many US mass killing sprees.  Perhaps some good articles on proper childhood care can cure this current and future trend?

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