Google Glass and other Google Quirks This Week

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

Google Glass and Star Trek Holodeck

Google Glass
Google Glass (Photo credit: Stuck in Customs)

Google is doing some cool things. Sure. The do have Google Analytics. They are developing a car that drives itself. There’s also a set of glasses that builds a miniature virtual reality world. I admit it’s a long way from the holodeck in the Star Trek: The Next Generation.

While Google might show me the good articles, will they show negative stuff in search results. I took the advice from the blog post My divorce from Google – One year later. They used DuckDuckGo for searches (i.e. weird name). So I thought I would use Google, Bing and DuckDuckGo, as I find the latest and greatest stuff on Google Glass.

I heard there was a contest on YouTube. The most creative ideas to use these glasses wins you a prize – the chance to test drive them at $1500 a crack.

Operating systems

Sundar Pichai presenting at the Chromebook lau...
Sundar Pichai presenting at the Chromebook launch at Google I/O. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Google is even playing in the PC (and similar devices – laptops, etc.) with Cloud computing and it’s the Chromebook line. Basically, it’s a stripped down Linux and Google Chrome Browser setup. In fact, I read somewhere that the best-selling notebook on Amazon is an inexpensive Google Chromebook.

From articles I have read, Windows 8 is not receiving enthusiastic reception. Now I could always go with a Mac, as the new operating system Mountain Lion is getting Good PR. But the Apple stores are some distance away. Locally, places like Walmart and Costco sells PCs cheaply. There are also many local PC repair shops I can go to. For now, I’ll stick with Windows 7. They plan to run support through 2020. I’m also playing with Ubuntu, which I like a lot. You can also purchase a Tablet with an Android or IOS operating system.

Back to Google Glasses

Now I go to my 3 search engine contenders and search for Google Glass. Guess what? There’s an interesting story entitled Baidu, China’s Google, Is Developing Product Similar To Google Glass . The article is from the Huffington Post. I find the same story in PC Magazine, Forbes and Computerworld. The company mentions they don’t know if it will be released commercially. But I’ll bet you one thing. You won’t see a contest where you will pay $1500 to try a pair.

I see Google Glass will be an US product. ABC News had aired several made-in-America mini-segments. Will they do one on Google Glass?

Browser updates

English: photo of someone wearing a Google NOO...
English: photo of someone wearing a Google NOOGLER hat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s an article entitled The great browser shake-up of 2013 . Apparently, Google is abandoning WebKit for a new engine called Blink. It’s also interesting that the browser Opera will be jumping on this bandwagon.


Here’s a couple interesting articles I found this week:

I find the choices for Google Reader replacement interesting. PR Daily recommends Feedly, Online Marketing Blog likes Curata and Tech Republic likes Tiny Tiny RSS.


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