Linux Desktops, TweetDeck death, Yahoo work theory and Blu Ray firmware

Linux Desktops, TweetDeck death, Yahoo work theory and Blu Ray firmware

Linux Desktop mess





In The Linux desktop ‘mess’ , it has this to say about desktops:

“My theory is simple (and it’s one I’ll probably get blasted for):”

“The whole “mess” centers on GNOME 3 and Unity. They are the two key players in the battle. If you think about it, it’s not that GNOME 3 and Unity are all that different — it’s that they took on one of the favorite desktops (what is now called Classic GNOME) and radically altered it. So users of GNOME 2.x are forced to use something new and change the way they work.”

This sounds great in theory, but it will fair dismally in reality. They are really in two different camps. Let’s just look at something like OpenOffice and LibreOffice. Both got their start from Oracle.

LibreOffice differed with Oracle and started an open source model, at some junction point. They used an Oracle base to start with. Then Oracle donated code to Apache, because they wanted to get out of the OpenOffice business.

So far, LibreOffice has made significant advances in releases made. They are also what comes standard with most – if not all – Linux distributions. Would OpenOffice join the LibreOffice camp – or vice versa? Hardly.

Is it a mess that there are two major competitors in office productivity suites? Or for that matter, two major Linux desktop GUIs?

As an aside, I found it interesting that Oracle purchased MySQL.

Death of TweetDeck

TweetDeck (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For the longest time, I’ve hated the tool. It always needed an update – either Adobe AIR or TweetDeck itself. Then it had that horrible noise associated with it. I heard it was going away, which made me embrace HootSuite instead. It’s a great tool.

But they are continuing to work on TweetDeck – just a web-based version. There’s now a Chrome extension. The one element I use is mentions. I can see if anyone is communicating with me or mentioning my name.

On the other hard, HootSuite allows posts to a Google+ business page. It’s a great addition.

On the Yahoo work front

I get this newsletter from a person with the first name of Dianne. Here’s what she shared recently, on the Yahoo work from home recall:

“Ive got a third theory that I have not seen anywhere. Before I put it out there, recognize that I have no insider knowledge and don’t even work in the IT industry.”

“Now here goes: Yahoo wants to prevent employees from taking on outside freelance and consulting assignments in addition to their work at Yahoo.”

Interesting theory. It might account for some folks. But it’s probably not the main reason.

RCA tech support

USB flash drive
USB flash drive (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interesting. I wanted to update my RCA blu ray player. So I called a couple RCA customer service and tech support people. I needed to confirm my understanding.

One told me not to use USB flash drive and plug my machine directly into an Internet source. The only problem, he didn’t tell me if I needed a modem and/or a router to go between my Blu Ray player and the Internet source. Luckily, I knew the answer already.

The other guy told me to use a USB drive. I had to probe him about the direct online connection. Personally, I think that option is the best. After all, there’s less change of human error. You can get the wrong firmware from a website. Perhaps you pick the wrong model or version number.

You could just follow the YouTube advice at Abt Electronics How-To Guide: Updating Your Blu-Ray Firmware



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