Mac vs PCs – a LinkedIn Group discussion

Picture of the Genius Bar in the Apple Store R...
Picture of the Genius Bar in the Apple Store Regent Street, London (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mac vs PCs – a LinkedIn Group discussion

Someone on a LinkedIn writer’s group asked for input on PCs and Mac.

Some folks are into Mac and it has a cult-like following.

Here’s a sampling of input:

“Macs are much more expensive than comparable Windows machines, but my wife has been on one (she’s only a recreational user) for years and never seems to have problems.”

Here’s a question I asked:

“Does anyone know how often Apple changes or brings out a new operating system? For Windows, it’s about every 3 years. And does the new operating system work on existing Apple hardware or do they “urge” you to buy new hardware (i.e. like Windows)?”

Here’s a response:

“Apple tweaks their OS once or twice a year.”

“I’ve been able to get through several upgrades in the Mac OS before having to purchase new hardware. I upgrade the hardware about every ten years.”

“My 9500 became antiquated when Apple changed to the BSD kernel for their OS. My eMac became obsolete when they moved to the Intel processors. Each had survived many OS upgrades.”

“An added bonus is the seamless synching between my various Apple devices.”

The Apple Store in San Francisco.
The Apple Store in San Francisco. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Me again:

I thought I might look at some recent (i.e. within the past 6 months) comparing Windows and Mac:

According to the article conclusions, Windows still wins the race.  I like Intel based PCs for these reasons:

  • I can get them inexpensively at places like Walmart, Costco, etc.
  • They are good, local PC repair shops to fix them rather inexpensively
  • I can run both Windows and Linux-based systems (i.e Ubuntu, Google Chrome operating system, etc.) on them.
  • I can run good open source and high quality freeware software on them.

So if you want security, run your computer (even one) behind a router, with good anti-virus and firewall software. Keep the operating system, anti-virus and application software up to date. On windows, add WinPatrol, KeyScrambler Personal and Malwarebytes.

Here’s what someone on the forum said about Apple repair – to their credit:

“Finally, I just took my Mac to The Apple Store to get repaired. Unfortunately, I had that bad NVidia chip that malfunctioned but the agreement to fix it for free had expired. However, they had a flat fee of $310 for the repair ($210 for whatever was needed and $100 for labor).”

“I was surprised when I received not only the repair (logic board replaced), but also a new keyboard (my “R” key had come loose and needed replacing), a new bezel (the part that surrounds the keyboard), AND a new battery! The battery alone would have cost around $100.”

English: Original source file of the “About Vi...
English: Original source file of the “About VirtualBox” window of VirtualBox 1.5.6_OSE. Deutsch: Original-Quelldatei des „Über VirtualBox“-Fensters von VirtualBox 1.5.6_OSE. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My response:

Someone is using the Apple duel boot and runs Windows.  It’s nice to see someone using Apple for the Dual boot and settling for the Windows operating system. And it’s nice to see a positive experience with Apple repair – where they throw in some free repair bonuses.”

I can’t say I’m anti-Apple. I do personally prefer a Samsung to an IPhone. And other programs like Open Office, LibreOffice and Google Docs do have the capacity to convert to Word build-in (or there are easy ways to do so). They do honor the fact that Word is king.

Windows 8 has a lot of criticism about the start menu. I believe they brought it back in SP1 – sort of. But there are application solutions to the start menu issue – just search for them.

I have nothing against Apples – either hardware or software. The biggest obstacle for me jumping on the Apple bandwagon is the distance of an Apple store. I don’t feel like driving 10+ miles to look at hardware, software, or get a repair done. Should Apple open a store nearer to me, or I move close to an Apple store – this could change.

For now, I’ll continue to run 2 PCs – one containing a flavor of Windows and one a flavor of Linux (i.e. Ubuntu).

Let’s part with some interesting  articles:



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