How often should you post to social media? – the real truth revealed!

How often should you post to social media – the real truth revealed!

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facebook engancha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But first!

Last week, I wrote an article on Ooma.  Currently, I have it set up behind my LinkedIn router and it is working fine.  It works well with Google Voice.  I have a backup OBI110 with Google Voice and Callcentric, as well as a Boost Mobile cell.  I’ll write an Ooma follow-up in the next week or two.  Stay tuned!

Recently, they posted a question on a linkedIn B2B group I belong to. There were various opinions from experts and newcomers alike. I also entered the answer arena. Perhaps you might disagree with this advice. If so, please chime in and say why. Otherwise, here’s what I had to share:

In marketing, the typical correct answer is: “It depends”. If you Google and see what the “experts” are saying, you won’t find any hard and fast rules everyone agrees upon. But you can get some good guesses:

For example, in How Often Should You Post on Social Media, it says:

Twitter: 8 to 18 posts a day. Twitter has a short shelf life. Facebook: No more than 3 posts. YouTube: 3 a week (for generic videos, not a Web Show) Blogs: Once a day.

But these are opinions. What is missing? Scientific testing using solid statistical data. Let’s take the FaceBook answer, such as:

If I look at How often should I post on Facebook?, it says this:

Avoid posting more than one post an hour. As a general suggestion, 2-4 posts per day are enough.

Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook
Mark Zuckerberg, founder and CEO of Facebook (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So it looks like the previous 2 experts agree – right?

But the article also says this:

According to EdgeRank Checker, the average lifetime of a Facebook post is 3 hours. Make sure you maximize the engagement within this timeframe to improve the general EdgeRank of your page.

This is much more relevant – we have a piece of concrete data to go by.

In the absence of statistical data and studies to look at, I use some common sense elements:

Like what you find at How Often Should Your Brand Post to Facebook? at

Here’s some of what they say:

Jeff Bullas wrote a great post that showed quality of content matters more than quantity of posts. In fact, more frequent posting of 3+ times per day shows less engagement than posting 1x per day.

In a recent Mashable article on top social media mistakes, Facebook suggests that brands start out with one or two posts a week to feel out the platform and see what works. Many brands post once per day, and many find that posting more than once per day can actually have an adverse effect on engagement.

Interesting, in that Mashable is highly esteemed in Social Media content (among other categories). And Facebook is making some suggestions. But do they back this up with data and scientific statistical studies we can check?

Bottom line? “Experts” might make suggestions. They might even agree, in principle. But what you share is more important than how often you share. And only scientific, statistical studies that can be duplicated, will give us solid data to guide us.

Let me leave you with a LinkedIn tip: Worst Kept Secret on Linkedin

Here’s also a good interview on marketing and IT working together: How Your Content Strategy Thrives When Marketing and IT Work Together




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