Wagon Wheel, Superior-Spiderman, Straight Talk and Ooma

Wagon Wheel, Superior-Spiderman, Straight Talk and Ooma

Wagon Wheel

I Got Nothin'
I Got Nothin’ (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This actually is a number one country song on US 99. It’s kind of a catchy song. When I did a lookup on YouTube, the singer Darius Rucker is a black singer. I thought he looks more like a blues then a country singer. I did enjoy the original video by Old Crow Medicine Show but enjoy Darius Rucker’s singing better.

Who is Darius? A little Wiki research showed him belonging to Hootie and the Blow Fish – a rock group. And while the Old Crow Medicine Show wrote the song, the chorus came from an unpublished Bob Dylan song. Bob and the band share a 50/50 royalties on this song.

Superior Spider-man

Folks are getting upset because they placed a villain – Doctor Octopus – within the body of Peter Parker (AKA Spiderman).

I believe a more interesting story line is along the Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde variety. Sometimes Peter would emerge and dominate. Other times, Otto would emerge and dominate. And nobody in the Marvel universe can cure this dilemma. As far as genius goes, Otto is more systematic in his approaches. But Peter could cook up something brilliant, on the spur of the moment. Dr Otto and Mr. Parker would be far more interesting.

I’m not so concerned with Peter going away for a while. After all, look how long Barry Allen (i.e Flash) and Hal Jordon (i.e. Green Lantern) had been away. Both had been away awhile and eventually came back.

Is Doc Ock being more ruthless a plus? After all, both Batman and DareDevil beat up bad guys and can be brutal at times.

The biggest problem with erasing Peter’s memories is this: Doc Ock loses all the Kung Fu stuff the Master of Kung Fu taught. Wouldn’t he be a more effective fighter if the also remembered this stuff?

Doc Ock is only interesting to me, when he battles someone of equal or superior intellect – like the current Green Goblin. After all, the Goblin just found a design flag in his mechanical spiders to exploit.

Ooma and Straight Talk home phone

I enjoy Ooma Premier and OBI with Google Voice over the Straight Talk Verizon network. But the Straight Talk service is a good complimentary system to a VOIP solution. I used to pay ATT about 38 dollars a month, just for a basic POTS system. That doesn’t take into play paying extra for local and long distance calls. Now I can run Ooma Premier, OBI, Skype and Straight Talk for less than my original ATT service.

The Straight Talk device did seem to effect my Motorola surfboard modem. Originally, I placed it in the same room the modem was in. The modem started making strange noises. It stopped after I moved the Straight Talk device into another room.

Then there’s Skype. I have it set to forward to Google Voice. When it rings Google Voice, it identifies the caller as Skype. But there is a minor glitch. If I’m on the computer, it still does call forwarding. But it then rings Skype after Google Voice rings twice.


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