Hooking up Skype with Google Voice and Ooma Telco

Hooking up Skype with Google Voice and Ooma Telco

Before I start talking, there’s a cool YouTube ad and song I came across. It’s called Dumb Ways to Die and I’ll embed it here, for you to view:

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Skype time

Skype Voice Calls Work on iPad with Everyman H...
Skype Voice Calls Work on iPad with Everyman Headset (Photo credit: stevegarfield)

There are some reasons for Skype. It buys you an additional line You can get this with Ooma Teco Premier. But I used the hidden second line to hook up to Google Voice. If you need to hook up a third line, then Skype is the way to go. But you need to follow some direction here.

Hook up Skype to Google Voice

Before you can do this, you need a Skype number and either Skype credits or a subscription. I like using Skype to listen to seminars from my computer. They are the ones you call in a long distance US number and the speaker speaks. Now to add the number, you go into Google Voice. Google Voice will give you a numeric code to enter, when it calls your number. This is how they verify a new phone. That’s it.

Display Google Voice number on Skype

You have to sign into Skype. There is an option to set your caller ID. Just set it up to your Google Voice number. This way, when you call someone via Skype, they see your Google Voice number. This only works if they have a caller ID service and equipment on the receiving end.

Set up Skype call forwarding to Google Voice

You have an option in Skype to forward calls. Just set up the forwarding number to go to Google Voice. This way, Google Voice will have its voice mail record the messages, rather than Skype.

When to use Skype

The best way to use Skype is at a WIFI spot. You know – going to Starbucks, waiting at the auto repair shop, eating at your favorite restaurant, etc. In fact, I’ll be hard pressed to think of a public business with sit down capacity, where WIFI is not an option.

Skype need to have

Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator)
Google 貼牌冰箱(Google Refrigerator) (Photo credit: Aray Chen)

The one thing Skype hasn’t built is a reliable device to connect to cord or cordless phones. If I review any device on Amazon or Walmart websites, they will get about three out of five stars. Maybe they lack customer support. Or they don’t work as advertised. You have to read the reviews, to sort this out. I’m surprised Microsoft and it’s engineering partners can’t come up with a suitable solution. Perhaps they can develop a software way to work with an OBI device – just like the device currently works with Google Voice.

Skype and the future

Skype is still the best way to keep tabs with overseas contacts, if you both have Skype. I do like the video capacity and will always use the tool.



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