Infinity WiFi and Dual booting HP laptops – Windows and Ubuntu

Infinity WiFi and Dual booting HP laptops – Windows and Ubuntu

Margie's Ubuntu shirt
Margie’s Ubuntu shirt (Photo credit: nederhoed)

Let’s start with Infinity WiFi. I heard about this service from a Comcast TV commercial. Since I do use Comcast Internet, it’s a good, free addition. If I put in the my home address zip code on their website, there’s about 10 locations I can go to. My guess is that the addresses represent businesses using Comcast . They can then pass this service on to Comcast customers at no extra charge. What I do is drive to a couple local addresses and confirm this.

My HP laptop used to run only Windows 7. Now I’ve added Ubuntu 12.04 LTS to the mix, using their automatic installer. Everything worked like a charm. There’s a couple of good articles to look at:

A good article is the Top 5 anti – virus for Ubuntu at the Top 5 anti – virus for Ubuntu. I’ve installed AVG and ClamAV . On the Windows side, I run Norton Security Suite, with Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware as backup scanners. The problem with the article is that AVG doesn’t have a Gui for Linux. You need to look at the Ubuntu doc on AVG at the Ubuntu doc on AVG. Since none of these really operates with real time scanning capacity, it’s OK to install more than one.

Also look at 10 Things to Do After Installing Ubuntu 12.04 . The most important takeaway is this: “Ubuntu 12.04 may be hot-off-the-press but that doesn’t mean a few last-minute bug fixes aren’t waiting for you already.” I had quite a few updates to apply.

The article recommends Google Chrome for flash. I have installed the Flash plug-in and Google Chromium instead. A couple other good browsers to install are Opera and Slim Boat, as they are backed by software companies. Slim Boat is made by the same company that operates Slim Browser, which using the IE engine in Windows. This browser operates great in Windows 7. It’s much faster and more feature rich than the IE 10 browser.


Windows 7 Workstation


For Java, I have installed the OpenJDK, along with the Iced Tea Java plug-in. In Windows, I use the Oracle JDK instead. The other two important items installed are the VLC media player and Gimp photo editor.

I’m not sure of the future of dual booting. It might be limited by the hardware. There’s an article entitled Tired Of Windows 8? How To Dual Boot Windows and Ubuntu. I hope that the dual boot process continues to be available. It’s much easier if you get the PC with Windows installed on it. Then you can use one of the simple methods mentioned. There’s a YouTube video entitled Dual Boot Ubuntu 13.04 (Raring Ringtail) and Windows 8.

I have played with both 13.04 on my Desktop and 12.04 LTS on my Laptop. I think I’ll stick with the LTS version.



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