Will the real Peter Parker ever return?

Will the real Peter Parker ever return?

The Green Goblin, redesigned for the movie Spi...
The Green Goblin, redesigned for the movie Spider-Man played by Willem Dafoe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s a good question. As you know, the current comic has Doc Ock placing his consciousness into Peter’s body and taking over his life. What does Doc bring to the table?

  • He’s an egomaniac
  • He likes to kill people
  • He likes to build technical gadgets, like spider robot monitors and giant robots.

Many folks like the current direction, only because it is different.

Now there is a Marvel Comics hero in Texas that likes to kill people (I.e. Scarlet Spider). And while folks like Iron Man build technology into their suits, they don’t build a bunch of external technology to do all their information gathering or fighting.  Instead of spider robots, how about technology that communicates with real spiders?  Let them do the scouting for you. After all, Scarlet Spider can do that, just like Henry Pym does with ants.

And what about this adversary called the Green Goblin? They has been no direct confrontation yet between him and Spiderman. The Green Goblin did figure out a way to avoid the Spiderman robots gathering info. Someone in a commentary thinks the Green Goblin is Peter merged with Norman Osborn. Interesting theory. Could be.

While DC has temporary retired heroes like Batman, Green Lantern and Flash, they always had another person take up the mantel. Hal Jordan dies as Green Lantern. He’s the Sphere for a while. But he’s eventually revived. Barry Allan is brought back from the speed force. There was an article entitled 6 Possible Ways To End ‘Superior Spider-Man’

What will be his downfall?  The endless stream of Marvel telepathic heroes and villains, Symbiotes. super intelligent heroes and/or villains, folks like Doctor Strange, Madam Web, Green Goblin, or even the original Peter Parker himself?

And what about big brother?

Spiderman also has humans helping him, who have uniforms they came from the Hydra surplus store. He’s more like big brother than President Obama. Spiderman is called a hero for being big brother and Manning and Snowden are labeled traitors for exposing big brother (I.e. I’m not judging them, folks.  It’s for international law courts to do so – if thy can catch them). And is Putin any better? Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Would the Avengers, ACLU, law enforcement, etc., put up with a robot assault on the criminal organization called Shadow Land?

Will Peter ever return? Sure. When Marvel marketing shows folks no longer like Doc Ock.

Other readings

I do read serious books at times. I recently got a copy of Without Buddha I Could Not Be a Christian by Roman Catholic Paul F. Knitter, after reading about the book on Amazon and seeing the reviews. I do side with many ideas he has, in that experiential approaches like Buddhism (I would also add yoga and  Native American ceremonies to the mix), can give us a better perspective on the Christian faith.

I as a conservative Anglican, have wrestled with ideas like hell and the end times. I  found that Christian inclusivism and annihilation are theological ideas I can buy into, which mainstream theologians and churches also do. I can’t jump on the universalism bandwagon, but I can agree with Eastern Orthodox in expressing it as a hope. And I agree with the health and prosperity gospel – to a point. While Christ fled us from sin, he also fled us from the curse of illness and poverty.




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