If Putin said no more leaks for asylum, why do we still find Snowden leaks?

If Putin said no more leaks for asylum, why do we still find Snowden leaks?

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Remember Edward Snowden? I’m not judging him here. He might have had a theological or philosophical conscience prompting. I do have some Russian friends in the US. They don’t put much trust in Putin, nor do they like him very much. I do recall a news story a while back. It was about a Russian billionaire, who funded the Putin political opposition. He was arrested on some charge, lost his oil position and became imprisoned and broke.

Folks always miss key details. It’s like saying Islam is spread by the sword. But you get a different flavor, if you view western academic scholars. Look at the Arizona State University presentation at ASU on Islam. It says, “periods of military conquest have usually been aimed at expanding the territories under Muslim rule rather than at forcing the conversion of non-Muslims to Islam.”

Now back to Putin. In reality, even though Snowden is communicating via a Russian lawyer, nothing can now be leaked without a Putin stamp of approval. Putin is a smart person. If you read the Wiki bio on him, he earned a PhD degree.

How do I know the leaks are still flowing? Simple. I Google the word Snowden each day. While you won’t find him in the US or European TV and radio stations, he does have something in a western news publication or two. Now Putin did say a condition for granting asylum, is not to leak any more state secrets. But nothing is leaked without Putin knowing about it. Is he directing Snowden what to share?

I have read the Wiki background on Snowden . Is says, “Snowden has been a subject of controversy: he has been variously called a hero, a whistleblower, a dissident, a traitor, and a patriot. There is confusion on exactly what Snowden’s status is, and whether he truly qualifies as a whistleblower, which commonly is understood as a person who exposes wrongdoing.”

So what will Snowden end up doing? I read he is learning the Russian language and has an offer to join the Russian version of FaceBook. Not bad for somebody on the run, who has taken refuge under a Putin regime. Or will the ACLU and other legal experts clear him under another administration?

English: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder
English: Vladimir Putin and Gerhard Schroeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On another take, I read in Christianity Today online email about a book. It’s entitled The Prosperity Gospel Is Surprisingly Mainstream by Kate Bowler. Out of curiosity, I checked the book reviews on Amazon. It really hasn’t take off there, as there are only four reviewers. Maybe if Snowden writes a book, it will be received by a wider audience. I’m not putting it past him. After all, he might want to tell his side of things. Not sure if it will be banned in western countries.

Right now, we have to sit back and see what Putin does next. After all, I still believe he is calling the shots now.


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