If Amazing Peter Spiderman returns – what happens to Superior?

If Amazing Peter Spiderman returns – what happens to Superior?

Ultimate Doctor Octopus. Art by Mark Bagley.
Ultimate Doctor Octopus. Art by Mark Bagley. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As you probably know, Dan Slott took a big risk. He killed off Peter Parker and replaced his mind with that of Doctor Octopus. The end result was a highly intelligent Spiderman rendition, which is both ambitious and ruthless. In many instances, Doc likes to act first and reflect upon the conscious ramifications later. This rendition was called the Superior Spiderman.

They recently announced a relaunch of Amazing Spiderman upon various popular comic blogs. It’s not stories before the death of Peter. This is the original Peter – just in time for a new movie version being released.

When I first heard of Superior, I was furious that they were killing of a popular character. But I did see a statement by Stan Lee somewhere, that he believes Peter would return. Stan is the original guy behind Marvel Comics. But I did enjoy some moments of what Dan accomplished. The final war with the Green Goblin should be very interesting. We also have the mystery of Doc’s original body missing from the grave. What’s up with that?

In a way, perhaps Doctor Octopus would have gone straight, had he been given a change. I seem to recall Al Capone being asked why he was a bootlegger. He replied that he could have been a company CEO, had he put his mind to it. Then we have the movie Catch Me If You Can by Frank Abagnale. Frank successfully impersonated an Airline pilot, a physician and a lawyer. In fact, he passed the bar exam, without ever attending law school.

But Frank’s real talent was being a counterfeiter. You could say he made a fortune that way. But Frank went on to work for the FBI and was given amnesty. He also made millions as a security consultant for many banks and financial firms. Now why can’t Doctor Octopus be given a similar role? After all, he could be very effective combining his brain with Peter.

Ultimate Green Goblin.
Ultimate Green Goblin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dan Slott did take a risk. But it was a stroke of genius. Rather that doing a reboot like DC Comics did, he performed a variation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Don’t get me wrong. I like what DC Comics is doing. Imagine Superman and Wonder Woman being a romantic couple? Or how about bringing Batman and Superman back together? And what about going deep into the origins and spectrum of the Green Lanterns?

Back at Marvel, I do want to know some things. Like who is the current Green Goblin? How will the original Peter get his body back? And what will happen to Doc? Will he have his brain patterns placed inside the living robot? And how will Peter straighten out the reputation that Doc messed up?

Well Dan, at first I hated what you did. Then I discovered you will also be writing the new Amazing. I like to see how you clean up the Doctor Octopus mess.



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