Joel Osteen on Linkedin, Facebook MySQL and Ordination Technology

Joel Osteen on Linkedin, Facebook MySQL and ordination mill technology

Someone asked this question on Quora





Facebook Engineering: How does Facebook manage to answer so many queries per second if it still runs off MySQL?

And a Facebook engineer responded:

MySQL is a very fast data store if used properly. We have devoted teams that understand MySQL extremely well and tune everything around it to increase performance, from schema design to queries to application logic. The teams post regularly about their experiences at MySQL at Facebook.

Then I also chimed in:

If you follow the movie about Facebook and its founder, you find he started Facebook based upon open source technology. I know that Yahoo also uses (or did use) MySQL databases. For the record, MySQL has been brought a while back by Oracle. And you can buy support contracts from them or third-party vendors.

I played with MySQL and PostgreSQL, when I used to work at Motorola Mobility – before Google brought them. I found them excellent databases for web-based applications. I have also worked with Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. I feel they are overkill for web-based applications – for the most part.

As far as technical questions asked by others, I doubt that Facebook would give specific answers. I wouldn’t, if I were them. Nor would I do it if I were Automattic (i.e. the owner of WordPress), Yahoo, etc. It gives away too much inside info.

Personally, I feel the cost of the Health Care dot Gov website would be much cheaper and more reliable, if it were built upon a LAMP architecture.

Colbert Nation got me thinking:


Then I saw the Colbert Nation on the Comedy channel Stephen Colbert preformed a TV marriage with a license from American Marriage Ministries. It got me wondering about online ordinations. I found a popular Christian ordination ministry called World Christianship Ministries. But they don’t have an online store, like Universal Life Church (i.e. the original one in Modesto, California, and not those later wannabees, cashing in on the name) or even other popular Christian online ordination ministries. A call to them mentioned their records only went back four years. A virus wiped them out. Here’s my email advice to them:

I called yesterday and was surprised to discover, that you only have records for the past four years. I was told by the phone attendant that a virus wiped out all your records. Let me make some suggestions, on how you can improve things:

If you were to Google “Online Christian ordination”, you will discover something on page one. There are groups like Evangelical Christian Fellowship or United Christian Faith Ministries. They come up before World Christianship Ministries. What do the others offer that you don’t (including the ones following you)? It’s an online store, where you can order Christian supplies and use either a credit card or Paypal. This also appries for non-Christian ordination sites, like the Universal Life Church.

If you want to entire more folks to sign up with you, you need to use a content management system, like WordPress or Joomla. And you need to put in an online store. This would also mean using a third-party hosting system, which would most likely be on Linux. They can also do backups and restores for you.

Did I connect with Joel Osteen on LinkedIn?

Then to top it off, Joel Osteen wanted to connect with me on LinkedIn. The profile even had the picture of the popular TV minister. I did accept and asked if there is any way I could help. The answer was to promote some orphanage in England. But it only had a Gmail address and no website. And the voice didn’t seem like Joel or a staff member would write like that. I did give an inquiry off of Joel’s website. I suggested a staff member investigate the profile and work with LinkedIn tech support about the matter. Until someone with a Joel Osteen dot-com website or LinkedIn tech support, gets the account closed – I’m “officially” connected with Joel Osteen on LinkedIn.



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