Review of popular Chrome and FireFox Security add-ons

Review of popular Google Chrome and FireFox Security add-ons

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English: A candidate icon for Portal:Computer security (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


If you are running a paid anti-virus, then this software is not for you.  I’ve tested it with Norton Security Suite and it has too many conflicts.  It would be nice if you could get search approvals from both Norton and McAfee – but you can’t.  But if you are running the free versions of AVG, Avast or Microsoft Security Essentials, perhaps it will work.  In which case, I would add it.  McAfee appears to test more websites, even though Norton is the bigger player.  Norton is usually better rated in technical reviews.

Adblock Plus

There are other Ad block plug-ins.  Yet this one is the most popular.  It does block up JavaScript pop-ups and I have tested it.  My only concern is that there is only one plug-in author.  What if the author gives up maintaining and enhancing it?  Remember the Flappy Bird creator, who has given up offering Flappy Bird?  Well, if he gets fifty thousand a day, he could just hire a company to handle the administration side.  Then all he would have to do is work on the code.  But in the case of a free plug-in, it becomes a more pressing concern.

Community web service rating plug-ins

I wouldn’t run these in and of themselves.  You need to have a good anti-virus program in place – whether free or paid.  But they give a good second opinion – especially when they all agree a site is good and safe.  Suppose Norton or McAfee said a site was good and I got that same confirmation collectively from Avast, WOT and Webutation.  It would be a good signal to click on the website.

avast! Online Security

Avast sells anti-virus software and I’ve actually tested them in the past.  Apparently, this plug-in appears to be a community rating system. The major downside is it only is available on Google Plus.


A pop-up notification stating malware was found.
A pop-up notification stating malware was found. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
They do get advice from good sources, like Norton, Google, Website anti-virus and WOT.  This is why I probably like them.  If something comes up with a score of 100 – it’s perfect.  I use this in conjunction with Avast and WOT plug-ins.


I’ve been using the WOT plug-ins for a long time.  I like how it warns me of a website having a bad reputation. It has been a life saver on many occasions.

AnVir Task Manager Free

This isn’t a plug-in.  They have a free version – which I use – along with a paid version.  It gives me a quick check as to any CPU hogs running.  I won’t replace Windows Start Manager with it.  But it does offer a better first check, along with a complimentary complete check.


Run a good anti-virus, along with any of their plug-ins.  In addition, look at the community plug-ins as a complementary confirmation.  Unless both the Anti-virus and community plug-ins agree, I will skip the website.

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