Peter Parker – Doc Octopus – For Better or Worse?


Green Gobllin as he appears in Spider-Man: Fri...
Green Gobllin as he appears in Spider-Man: Friend or Foe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I did read issue #30 of Superior Spider-man. My interpretation is that all Peter’s memories still survived and he took them all back. Maybe I’m wrong. Even if I’m right, Dan might still play things out differently. Personally, I would like to see Doc survive. Perhaps help out Peter, in the form of the living brain. But Dan is always publishing false leads – like Liz having the Goblin mask. What is that all about? Or could the cavity in the Green Goblin, really be from Doc Ock‘s missing body?

Kind of like figuring out what the Walking Dead AMC Terminus is really about,, from comic story clues.

If we follow the comic version – which the movie deviates a bit from – here’s what Terminus might be:

  • Where do they get those slabs of beef they had hanging, once they offered new arrivals a plate?
  • Why are they desperately offering sanctuary to all comers?
  • And a further clue comes from translating the Latin word Terminus to English: a boundary mark, limit, end, border.

So, given a choice, would you rather be in the Governer‘s camp (i.e. when he was alive) or join the Terminus crew for chow and sanctuary? But is Peter Parker better or worse off, for Doc Octopus taking over his body – for a full year?

On the negative hand, we have:

  • A tarnished reputation among his friends, associates and the general public
  • A loss of established connections with the group at Horizon Labs
  • The Avengers wanting to hunt him down.
  • Doc’s love relationship with Anne Marie, which Peter isn’t currently into.

On the positive side, we have:

  • A group of patrolling Spider robots
  • Access to ideas and inventions of Doctor Octopus.
  • A PhD in some scientific field – either chemistry or physics
  • An up and coming technology innovation company, along with a couple partners.
  • The living brain, as a lab assistant.

    The Green Goblin, redesigned for the movie Spi...
    The Green Goblin, redesigned for the movie Spider-Man played by Willem Dafoe. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Perhaps there are other things he has. He could take some insight into Doc’s using of planning and thinking things out. Doc, on the other hand, lacked Peter’s spontaneity, both in using his mind and body.

Why would I do if I were Peter? I would first contact Doctor Strange , the Marvel telepathic heroes, and superhero scientific geniuses. I’ll tell then my story and have them verify the truth of it. Then I would solicit their help, in helping bring out the truth.

I would keep the patrol Spider-bots. But I would improve on their design and remove the recognition goblin flaw. I would also work on a technology way to communicate with real spiders – like the Scarlet Spider can do. Then I would use both to gather information and patrol for me. In addition, I would do my own patrols – like Peter used to do.

I would argue that the bad that Doc did can be overcome. The good can be used and adapted, to Peter’s way of doing things. But Doc did make some positive advancements.



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