Solving Communication Bottlenecks with IP Phone Systems


The ShoreTel booth at VoiceCon Fall 2005.
The ShoreTel booth at VoiceCon Fall 2005. (Photo credit: Alex Dunne)

The IP phones or VoIP phone help to route your phone calls over the internet or secured LAN. This is simply a great alternative to the PSTN phones for the simple reasons that you do not have to rely on the telephone network at office to make calls. Any user on the same network can be easily connected with the help of VoIP calls and these calls can be placed by using IP phones. For using the IP phones, the users will have to only plug in the phones to the nearest LAN port and the phone gets automatically registered with the VoIP service. The best thing about IP phones is that you are able to retain the number no matter wherever you use the phone. In this article, we will have a quick look at some of the advantages of IP phones that will eventually help you to get over the communication bottlenecks:


Cost cutting on phone bills

Low operational costs leads to substantial decrease in the phone bills and this is the probably the biggest advantage of using IP phones. IP phones use the internet or the existing secured LAN for routing the calls and this helps to bypass the traditional telephone line. All this eventually leads to lower telephone bills. The cost of making calls over the VoIP is lesser than the traditional phone systems.

Rich Media

The use of IP phones facilitates the access to rich media tools like presence, video chat, file transfer, instant messaging etc. These features were either absent or limited in the traditional phone systems we earlier used. Today’s business communication demands can be only met by using the latest IP phones that have a variety of rich media features.


As far as the legacy phone systems are concerned, a dedicated line is allocated to a phone. Now, you will not be able to move your phone system from your desk so it becomes really difficult to attend to calls when you are not near your phone. IP phones gives you the luxury to move your phone from one place to another and all you are required to do is connect it to the nearest LAN port and log in to your central communication system.

Better Customer Service

With a seamless and advanced communication system in place, you will be able to provide better customer service. Since you can use your IP phone from anywhere in the world, so you can attend to your calls even when you are not near your desk or absent from office. Your employees will also be able to call the customers at any point in time or send messages or even conduct conference calls to solve any issues. Thus, the overall customer service can be improved by using the latest IP phones in the market.

Easy to Install

Installation of IP phones is the easiest thing of all and even a child can connect it to the system and start making calls. Yes, all one is required is to plug the IP phone to the nearest LAN port and the phone gets automatically registered with the VoIP application. Nothing more is required to done to install the IP phones, so even a layman can start working with it.

Increased Productivity

The process of establishing calls between two ...
The process of establishing calls between two regular landline or mobile phones via VoIP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An efficient communication system ensures minimum confusion in work and this is exactly what IP phones achieve. You will be able to communicate easily with your employees and colleagues irrespective of your or the receiver’s location. Thus, any business related problems can be solved through quick and effective communication. This eventually leads to better productivity at work.

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Jorge Giroux is electrical engineer who has been working with large telecom companies. He also writes for Universal Com One Blog . so that everyone can take advantage of the improvements in telecom technology.




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