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The growing rise in the number of users of WhatsApp has thrown the obvious question – will it be a threat to mobile calls? Well, it is still early days to predict any such outcome for the mobile app that has created a renewed interest in mobile based VoIP systems. WhatsApp is continuously working towards new upgrades that would make it even friendlier for iOS7. VoIP calls are now the latest offering from WhatsApp and it wants to be among the top newsmakers this year.


The new version of WhatsApp promises to be different in terms of the features but the looks and overall feel will remain unchanged. There are changes that would change the game in the VoIP world. Yes, finally WhatsApp is bringing the VoIP calls into its application and this will be direct challenge to the users of other services like Skype. The revolutionary VoIP calling facility was long awaited for and finally it is being integrated with the latest updates. The call can be initialized by opening to a flight or an open chat on the iPhone. You will be able to automatically dial the contact when you see his/her name flashing on the top. The VoIP calls will be initiated through a new icon called the WhatsApp Call.

It can be said that the VoIP feature offered by WhatsApp will take away a bit of the shine from mobile calls but to say that it would completely kill the same will be an overstatement. Mobile calls have their own charm and that I really feel cannot be overrun by the VoIP feature in WhatsApp. It is also interesting to note that not everyone is accessing WhatsApp whereas there is hardly anyone who does not make mobile calls.


Sizing up WhatsApp and Twitter
Sizing up WhatsApp and Twitter (Photo credit: Tsahi Levent-Levi)

Over the last two years, WhatsApp had witnessed phenomenal fan-following and popularity and obviously no other app could match its popularity. It is interesting to find out that there are many other apps that are performing really well but none has been successful like WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been able to create a loyal fan-following for itself through a variety of one-to-one chat and group chat options. Mobile phone calls can’t really be replaced by the apps like WhatsApp as there are a number of elements that makes mobile calls much better than the VoIP calls.


Mobile phones will not require the internet connection on the phone to place calls but for the VoIP to be active on WhatsApp, users will have to switch on the internet. The internet connection on mobile phones also suffers from the same connection problems which are bound to affect the call quality. VoIP calls are heavily dependent on the type of internet connection and if there is even a simple problem with the connection, the call quality immediately takes a beating. This is where mobile calls score higher than the VoIP calls through mobile apps like WhatsApp.

Mobile calls are not under any real threat from the latest smartphone apps like WhatsApp because it still is the most reliable means of communication. Neither is it affected by weather nor does it have to rely on the internet connection for placing calls. Irrespective of the users, the mobile phones can be used for calls by anyone but to run complex apps like WhatsApp, users need to have a level of understanding about using mobile applications. The only real threat would be the cheap call costs that is often associated with VoIP but once this barrier too is overcome by mobile phone companies, apps like WhatsApp will not be able to provide much of a competition.

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