Thought experiments for expats


Do you know what a thought experiment is? According to Wiki, it says, “A thought experiment or Gedankenexperiment (from German) considers some hypothesis, theory,[1] or principle for the purpose of thinking through its consequences. “ So I’m looking at Ecuador and Panama for retirement. A friend is looking at Uruguay. Let’s do some thought experiments.

Thought Experiment 1

Downtown Buenos Aires, from the Sheraton Hotel.
Downtown Buenos Aires, from the Sheraton Hotel. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suppose you won a contest, where you get $4000 a month to live, the rest of your life. The only condition is that you have to either live in Buenos Aires or Montevideo and only travel outside the country for 90 days every 2 years – unless a medical issue surfaced that can’t be addressed in Uruguay or Argentina. What would you chose and why? If you take away the banking secrecy laws and the ocean, what does Uruguay really offer over Argentina? As I’ve mentioned before, I think Argentina has more to offer. I would choose Buenos Aires and Argentina. What would you chose and why, if you were the contest winner?

Thought Experiment 2

We decide to go together to explore Uruguay. First we stop at Panama, since it’s on the way. We explore the hostels in Panama City, David and Boquete, Then we go on to Montevideo and explore the hostels there. We take bus trips to surrounding cities. Then we decide to go to get a boat ticket to Buenos Aires. First, we stop at the immigration office of Boat Tickets to Buenos Aires (i.e. we find all each task has a specific immigration branch office).

Thought Experiment 3

We go on to Buenos Aires. Then we visit nearby Mendoza, because Kathleen Peddicord recommended it in her book. How to Retire Overseas. I find the prices are great. I can play golf form $4, have a cup of coffee for $.95 and a bottle of good wine for $2. I can sky, bird watch, white water rafting, and Kayac, and sky. Housing prices are really good. I want to stay there.

Convince me about a city or town in Uruguay and why it would be better than Mendoza.

 Thought Experiment 4

So let’s try this thought experiment. We become good friends. I want to go to an establish expat community. I focus chiefly on Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico (i.e. Lake Chapala), Boquete, Panama (i.e. An Expat Haven for Retirees in Boquete, Panama) or Cuenca, Ecuador. You go on to Uruguay. We both establish residences. Let’s say i settle in Ajilic. We make offers to come visit each other. So I start thinking. Boy, the food is bland in Uruguay. Then I thought I’ll go to Buenos Aires and travel by boat to visit Bryon. I see Indian restaurants in Buenos Aires. There are also Chinese, German and Italian restaurants there. There are even Thai restaurants there. Then I call you by phone from Buenos Aires. I tell you about all the different ethnic restaurants in Buenos Aires. Then I ask you about the ethnic restaurants in Uruguay. What will you say to me?


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