Does Your Company Need a Blog?

It seems as if no matter what the industry, every company has a blog—leaving you wondering if your stand-alone web page is enough. Does your small business also need a blog? Here we explore some of the companies that are doing great things with their blogs, and the benefits they are reaping in return.

How others are profiting from blogs (and you can too)


1. Bike Bandit: The Bike Bandit blog identifies as “The web’s largest source for power sports parts, accessories, gear and tires,” boasting an inventory of over 8 million products. They support a presence on every major social media site and actively keep up with and share industry news. They excel at getting customers to engage with their brand and refer to their blog as a community. Customers have come to recognize this “community” as a place to share experiences, “talk shop,” and keep the conversation going about all things motorcycle-related.

Takeaway: A blog can be used to inviting customers to feel like they’re a part of your business. Like chairs and newspapers in an old-time barbershop, a company blog can become a place to gather and swap stories. For the right clientele, that approach is golden.

2. Culinary Connection: This company helps aspiring chefs get the training they need without breaking the bank in high tuition fees. The Culinary Connection program doesn’t use a traditional classroom model, rather they place students in working kitchens for apprenticeships with professional chefs. Because of their interactive atmosphere, they support their business with a blog that discusses all things cooking and food. From sharing recipes to discussing techniques, they support themselves as an authority in the cooking industry and keep their clients returning for new information . No big sales pitches, just relevant content.

Takeaway: Your blog should stay consistent with your primary topic, and should focus on quality. You don’t need to push sales with your blog, rather, use it to attract potential clients and maintain existing ones.

3. Get Found First: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is big business, and Get Found First is one of the best at helping companies leverage their ad spend to bring in revenue. These guys know the value of content marketing, using well-informed articles, videos, infographics, and other media to attract the selected audience. Their company blog is called the “Knowledge Center,” and they keep their look and content fresh and valuable. Their focus is on continued education across topics someone involved with PPC would appreciate.

Takeaway: Make your blog visually appealing and use it as a space to educate your customers and shed light on emerging industry trends.

Tips on blogging for business

  • Don’t publish junk. If your editorial calendar calls for a post twice per day, and you’re not ready with a well-written article, don’t throw in something just to make the schedule. Make every piece of content count, and continuously strive for quality.
  • Do post regularly. A general rule of thumb is to create a new post at least twice per week. Find what is right for your industry and be consistent.
  • Do include a call to action. Have a call-to-action on your blog and in every post. Never leave the reader with nowhere to go, wondering how to do business with you, or where to go from there.
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