Getting the most out of your office phone system

Productivity at office is often directly linked to the type of communication system a business possesses. It is imperative to equip your business with an integrated complete office phone system and not using individual telephone lines. phone systems Modern office can be a bit confusing during the first few days as the operations are different from the ones that you presently use. The basic functioning (the internal workings) are similar to the phones that you use and it is the phone type, provider and features that make these phone systems different.

Prior to understanding about the functions of office phone systems, you will have to find the types. The two primary types of phones that are used are multiline phones and private branch exchange. The first type or the multiline phone is the one that can have anywhere between 8 and 10 lines connected to one phone. The individual phone lines are identified as “Line 1”, “Line 2” etc. The multiline phones have to be operated manually. The second type or Private Branch exchange system (PBX) is more suited for larger businesses. The PBX systems can be used to connect more lines and since it is an automated system, the need for the central receptionist is eliminated.

The functioning of multiline phones depends on the available options. Here every single line is allotted a unique phone number and each of the phone number is treated as a unique line. The incoming calls on a particular line will produce a ring and the light for the number will start to blink. In case the line is being used, the caller will get a busy tone or will be redirected to the voicemail. Another very popular option that we get to see with the multiple phone service is Rollover. In this you are going to publish only one phone number and the incoming calls are going to occupy the lines in a descending order. Thus, if you have three lines to your phone system and two callers place their calls at the same time then the first calls would automatically be allotted Line 1 and the second call will be allotted Line 2, and so on.

The PBX system is similar to the multiline phone system and the only difference is that there is no human intervention for call transferring or other operations. There is an electronic buffer systems that is used to queue up the calls and depending on the extension number chosen by the caller, the calls are transferred to the designated receiver. Both the PBX as well as the multiline phone systems offer advanced features like voicemail and call transferring. There is also the facility of speakerphone where the receptionist can alert an employee about a call.

VoIP has given a paradigm shift to the idea of PBX or Multiline phone systems as now the users can avail a hosted PBX system. The user does not need to install the PBX system at office and they are able to use their central system by logging in over the Internet. The Internet connection is used to make or receive calls and there is an intelligent computing system that performs all the critical functions like call queuing, call transferring, voicemail and call routing.

As a user, you will only have to worry about subscribing for the right packages and setting up the basic infrastructure for availing the VoIP system. The VoIP office phone system is very efficient and users are able to log in to the central communication from anywhere around the world. There are many other advanced features like presence, music on hold and Interactive Voice response system that we get with the VoIP office phone system. VoIP is being termed as the ideal office phone system that could be used for business communication.

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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