3 Ways to Use Content Curation to Increase Marketing Penetration

There are pros and cons of both content creation and content curation. Creating your own content gives you ownership, but it can be expensive and time consuming. On the other hand, curation does not give you ownership, but it can help you establish your web and social media profiles as one-stop shops for information about your field. If done right, content curation can be economical and impactful while still being creative and helpful to your market. Here are a few ways to think about using content curation:

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Almost Automate It

The website Alltop was one of the first content curation success stories. Founded by marketing evangelist Guy Kawasaki, the site promises to be the place for all the top stories. The site uses a mix of automatically pulled topics, community submitted articles and staff selected stories to make several robust sites all under the Alltop umbrella.

Although Alltop is a good example of content curation, it may not be the best example of how to set up your marketing strategy because it does not tell a story. If you want to automatically pull content, then you need to weave it into your marketing campaign. Use a tool like Storify to help you. This tool is a drag-and-drop content finder that lets you mix, add and collaborate until you have the perfect story. Once you have your story, you can embed it into whatever media you wish. This type of curation lets you add your own spin to the story without needing to write the post yourself.

Let Wi-Fi Boost Your Analytics

Every social media expert knows that one message a day is not enough. Several posts are needed daily to keep your site relevant and fresh from a Google Analytics point of view. In our global economy, these messages need to be staggered throughout a 24 hour day so that everyone has an opportunity to see them. Systems like HooteSuite are great for scheduling your social media posts, but they lack the personal touch that is inherent with social media.

To make your campaign more organic, use a cloud-based service like Dropbox to store your curated content. Have your team place these stories onto your social media feeds from different locations, preferably throughout the world. Even though these people may be employees, analytic programs do not know this and will classify your information positively.

Mix The Platforms

Pulling from other’s work has its advantages, but sometimes there is nothing better than fresh content to draw in new readers. This is where a smart blend of curated content and new content can have the most impact. Social media marketing and content curation firm Buffer points out that the natural upside of curation is that you have more time to write great articles based on other’s work. To create a good mix, post curated articles, and then add your own in-depth and unique perspective.

One way to mix the two types of content is to use Pinterest. Use the image as inspiration to create unique content, and then link both the Pinterest image and your content to your social media feeds. Doing this will drive viewership to your social media platforms.

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