Problems With Forum Auto-Login Feature

Recently, this topic came up on a forum I belong to. Let’s call this forum MM. Here’s the original question.

“Can anyone tell me why, for the last 2-3 weeks, I must log on each and every time I go to the MM forum? It doesn’t matter whether I check the box ‘Log me on automatically each visit.’”

An obvious answer was this:

Web-browser settings for saving cookies may be the issue. These settings may have been changed by program updates. If you use a web browser like Internet Explorer, you should be able to check and, if necessary, reset these cookie settings so that cookies are saved from visited web sites on which you sign in. If cookies are saved from these sites, you won’t have to sign in each time you visit.”

And another answer was this:

“Another possible reason why you are having to sign in each time you visit this site is you may have an anti-spyware program that deletes cookies. The setting for the program might have been changed recently, from keeping to deleting cookies, without your knowing it through an update, and that’s why you have seen a change. I see from internet forums that losing needed cookies for sign-in has been a problem for some customers using various anti-spyware products. Most of these products have options to turn off cookie detection and removal. Maybe you can find that option and reset it.”

Or it could be a complex problem and solution, like this answer:

“I was having exactly the same problem during that period with my office computer, but not with my house computer. At the time I chalked it up to ATT having recently forced us to convert to Uverse or whatever it’s called, which was messing with our ability to use pages at all (randomly about 1 out of 3 attempts the load would hang and might or might not ever complete, but almost always attempting the pageload again would work.)”

“Turned out after many annoyed calls to ATT tech support there was a rare router malfunctioning happening at a node in town somewhere.”

Somone suggested Ccleaner, to which I’ve added:

“I have to agree with CCleaner. If you actually install the File Hippo updater at File Hippo , it will tell folks when a new version of the free CCleaner is available. If you run a good paid or free anti-virus, then I would install the free version of Malwarebytes and run a weekly quick scan, along with a weekly one from your anti-virus. Malwarebytes doesn’t deal with cookies, but it’s a good check for bad stuff on your machine.”

I ended up with this suggestion:

“Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth”

.-Arthur Conan Doyle

The problem here is that the obvious (i.e. cookies) has been looked at and I conclude from the conversations – eliminated. I conclude other suggestions (i.e. like static vs dynamic IP) were tested and eliminated. There’s also no clear tech forum discussions – given the keywords I’ve used – showing similar problems, other than the one I shared. It could then be any number of unknown variables.

The most logical approach is for some admin here, who is tech savvy, to work on the problem with a remote tool – with permission. If this approach is taken, I recommend the free for private use tool Team Viewer Team Viewer, installed on the tech admin and user machines. You can also use Skype for voice conversations during the diagnosis.

What was my final forum suggestion? It’s one the original questioner had also implemented:

When I can’t find a solution, I look for an effective substitute. For example, the recipe for Venison stew Venison stew calls for 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. But a search of the Internet said I can substitute Soy Sauce instead. In this software issue, why not just install a free login password manager, with an auto-log-in feature?


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