A College Scholarship Contest

Recently, I got an email from Jamie Smith, about a scholarship program there are having. Because I believe in education and the cost is high, I thought I would share info on this scholarship contest.

Unfortunately, I have been seeing a large number of commercials on TV for universities that have questionable accreditation credentials. One boasts of preparing students for technology certification exams. But a search for this school on Google or Bing brings up questionable business practices, questionable accreditation and high tuition costs – after all, it is a for profit university. I feel a student would be better off getting an associates degree in computer science or related technology, from their in-district junior college. Then just take some private industrial courses, to prepare for certification. Anyway, let me turn this over to Jamie:


“FormSwift is a project focused on creating personal and legal templates that are customizable, easy to use, and highly professional. For select businesses and organizations, including schools, non-profits, and athletic associations, we offer a tailored set of free services, such as our non-profit documents hub .”

“We have decided to start a scholarship contest , because, as a young, growing start up ourself, we understand the importance of counting every penny when trying to start your dreams. By giving $1,000 to the scholarship winner, we hope to help a young, start up savvy college student or high school senior realize the potential and power of her or his ideas. We, as a business, spend most of our day thinking about how to help organizations grow by easing the burden of important tasks, such as filling out tax forms so in turn, we hope our scholarship applicants can dedicate a few hours to think and come up with a concrete way paperless documents or our business can positively benefit the environment, colleges, or the business world in general.”

“During our final decision process, we will reward the scholarship entry with the most creativity, originality, and clarity of purpose. Because the scholarship is not limited by GPA, major, or geographic region, we hope we to give a voice and opportunity to every type of student. In conclusion, we hope our scholarship can teach our applicants that being successful in the start up world is not necessarily dependent on traditional metrics, but rather staying true to your most passionate ideas.”

Jamie Smith is a Content Outreach Associate for FormSwift, specializing in sharing the various free services FormSwift can offer to help businesses and organizations manage their paperwork.

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