CM Security Product Review

Today I am reviewing CM Security products for Android. I don’t get any money from them for doing so. I just like the products and wish to give my feedback on them. They are are developed for the Iphone. This products are a creation of Cheetah Mobile , which is a spin off of Kingsoft

And there are some bad stuff here. As the Wiki article points out:

“Despite popularity of its Clean Master Android App, it was reported that ads promoting Clean Master manipulate Android users with deceptive tactics when browsing websites within the app’s advertising framework. In April 2014, Ferenc László Nagy from Sophos Labs has captured some pop-up ads that lead to Clean Master, warning the device has been infected with a virus.[5] Also in July 2014, by encouraging users to uninstall Google Chrome and replace it with CMCM’s own browser during Clean Master’s “clean-up” and “optimization” process, leading Google to crack down on its rogue practice which allowed Cheetah Mobile to gain unfair position in the marketplace.[6]”

But making things like this public, does prompt them to clean up things. And no, Cheetah. I have no plans to uninstall Opera Mini, Firefox or Google Chrome on Android and replace it with your browser. Nor do I believe yours is any safer than Google Chrome.

Let’s look at the products I use and they at least have four out of five stars on Google Play:

CM Launcher – This product I like it a lot. It organizes the different apps into common folders. As an example, my communicate apps like Skype and Ooma into a folder called communications. I can find Google Play and other tools in my tools folder.

Clean Master. This tool I have installed on my Windows machines, along with Ccleaner. Once a week, I run Clean Master, Ccleaner, Malwarebytes and Norton Security on my PC, to insure everything is clean and running smooth. On my Android and tablet, this tool can check for viruses, clean junk files and boost performance. The only downside on the Androids is that it earns income by ads. But they have to make money some way.

CM Security. This is a very good app and it’s very popular on Google Play. For the record, you can probably get by without a security system on Android – despite what the security companies say. But they don’t display ads for this product, nor try to sell you an upgrade. They are also well rated by AV-Test.

Battery Doctor – this actually does a couple of things. It informs me of the percentage of battery power remaining. It gives me a chance to shut down apps that consume battery power.

CM Wi-Fi – This will tell me what Wi-Fi sites are close by. It also gives me the percentage of the signal strength and the safety of the site. Both are needed qualities for public sites. And it helps going over the gig cap on mobile lines and having your data throttled.

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