Some Ooma and Magic Jack Go issues and fixes

As you know from reading previous posts, I’ve been an Ooma user for 2 years. And I’ve been very happy with it. But due to hardware costs, I’m replacing it with:

  • Obihai 200 configured with Ring To and Google Voice
  • MagicJack Go as a backup.

This is in addition to my cell phone plan. But some issues have come up in testing and I’ll go over them and the solutions.

The first one was that MagicJack supplied cable. When I tried it, the MagicJack couldn’t register an Internet connection, when connected to the router. The solution was just to replace it with a standard Ethernet cable.

The next issue was the unit was getting warm. I did a Google search on “MagicJack getting hot” and found others had the issue. Then I came across this video on YouTube and looked into the comments section:

One viewer had this great comment:

“I will tell you from personal experience, separate the ac plug from the mj plus box it heats up less saving the ac plug from going out again, i separated mine with the jumper plug it comes with and now the box isn’t even half as hot what it used to be, think what happens is the ac plug and box both create a lot heat and put together its like a heat bomb ready go off, do the separation now and save later from replacing the ac adapter, this is why it goes bad.”

So there are two issues here and two solutions, based upon this video and my Google search.

  • The first is to buy a replacement power adapter that has the specs of five volts and one amp output. Or a universal one you can set to those variables. I found one for twelve dollars at Walmart, that was both a serge protector and a USB device charger. Just keep the original black one for warranty issues.
  • The second one is that MagicJack supplies an extension adapter for use, when you register the device via your computer USB port the first time. From my Google search, some folks are plugging this in between the charger and the MagicJack device. So I’ve followed this advice with the new USB device charger and the MagicJack device.

This did solve my heating issue with MagicJack.

There’s another thing I discovered and it proved to be interesting. I have access to Hoovers via the College of Dupage online library resources. I decided to look at MagicJack and Ooma on both Hoovers and the BBB (i.e. Better Business Bureau) sites.

In the Hoover research, Ooma appears to have much great annual sales then MagicJack. I think they also have more on site employees.

But in the BBB search, I found some interesting items. First of all, I thought that MagicJack would get a low rating. But they are a BBB accredited business. While they had a large number of complaints issued, they did resolve a lot of them – to the BBB site’s satisfaction. And they earned a B rating.

Ooma had far fewer complaints lodged against them. But they failed to provide a satisfactory resolution to many of them – according to BBB standards. And the BBB gave them an F rating.

Well, that did surprise me.

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