Collaborating With Video – An Overview


Before you we get into an in-depth discussion regarding collaborating with video, let us learn a few things about video collaboration. It is a process of collaboration between virtual team members carried out via video conferencing, which is a technology-mediated method of communication.

Collaborating With Video - An Overview

Let us discuss the new way of communication that has off late become extremely famous.

It has altered face to face collaboration

There are a number of techniques, which the end users can use for making calls. They are Skype, Google Video, YouTube and the likes. The users can use these forms to make calls, post and share videos, establish libraries, showcase creativity and do a lot of other activities in the virtual world. All these modes of video communication have affected the business fraternity in a great way, by helping them market their products and service, and thus, businesses are surging ahead strongly with these modes of video collaboration.

The Enterprise Video Difference 

Businesses nowadays, regardless of whether they are small, medium or large scale, rely heavily on a wide range of applications for running their corporate network effectively. That includes the various web based video as well as collaboration apps for mobile devices.

Enterprise Video Collaboration

The most important feature of modern enterprise video collaboration is that it has the capacity to pull together even a remote team of experts from across the globe collaboratively and put each and every member face to face in a meeting, without having to travel or even leaving their work stations and that is what makes the difference for the businesses today.

End-To-End Video Services

Video collaboration involves effective use of software that provides end-to-end service, which provides reliability as well as quality of service for broad adaptation backed with success.

Video collaborations are extremely easy to use, and they come up with video concierge services as well, which give an extra echelon of support for lengthy and important video meetings or events involving a large number of people, like financial reporting, introductions of new products or service, and company-wide announcements, AGMs and the likes.

User Friendly Domain

The technology comes up with a user friendly domain, with a central delivery, command and control mechanism, which can manage and at the same time, distribute the digital content in a jiffy, and in a seamless way from a centrally located point, without any hiccup whatsoever. The digital contents are of several types like static, dynamic and real time visual content. Besides, the technology can also be used to impart clear as well as consistent training and other activities related education, delivery of corporate updates, and content related to compliance across the entire organization.

Thanks to the advent of video collaboration, video services are using the cloud. This implies that it is now possible to avail video conferencing, without the need to invest in and operate expensive and complicated video infrastructure.

Video collaboration is completely different from the cloud video services available in the market. This is in fact a service that can be managed using the cloud and facilitates in establishing connection among telepresence systems, meeting rooms, software-based endpoints like tablets and desktops and executive appliances. The end users can not only internally connect with colleagues and co-workers but also with the suppliers and customers that use compatible systems. These videos can be streamed to other users and even recorded to later references. Organizations can easily offer customer support that is both responsive and efficient.

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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