Lessons Learned from Door Installation

You would think that Buying an entry door is an easy process. But it takes some work. Here are some of my recent experiences.

Home Centers

There’s a couple interesting articles at Home Depot and Lowe’s Installations Services…A Good Deal?? and Home Improvement Sales Gimmicks.

If you go to Menards, they don’t have an installation service. Instead they have recommended contractors, from their bulletin board of independent contractors.

Home Depot and Lowes have their own installation services. But they try to charge you thirty five dollars for measurements. The problem is that Menards independent contractors and door and windows companies will do measurements and proposals for free. Luckily, I had a special for free measurement services from Home Depot. They charge around 300 for basic installation. But they had a proposal of around six hundred for installation. There were costs for hauling away the old door, supplies needed to put in the door, etc. It would be the same story at Lowes.

Pelle Doors and Windows.

This is an interesting proposal. They had a construction company they work with, give me a bid. For the door, it was around $3100. Now the problem is that Pelle has two door lines and both are sold at Lowes. They sell for $900 and $1000 for the same door measurements and features I’ve asked for. And all the home centers say that installation takes two to four hours. So are they carrying doors that Lowes doesn’t sell? And what could possible take around 2000 is costs for a simple two to four hour door installation?


They actually have a cost proposal similar to Pelle. But I can’t really obtain the line of doors they sell, via the home centers. So I can’t compare prices. And they do have a current rating of F from the Better Business Bureau. But the salesman did explain it was from past advertising using the word free. He did give a reasonable explanation. And their doors and windows are made by Amish craftsmen. But I really don’t need anything that fancy.

Most fiberglass entry doors from the home centers would sell from six hundred to one thousand. These are really good doors and even if you paid three to five hundred for installation, it’s a big savings over Felco and Pelle.

Local door and window company

They actually had the best proposal on a factor painted installed door for about $1375. It’s really not that much different from the home centers.

The secret for the consumer? Menards doesn’t have an installation service but will just provide recommended contractors, from their bulletin board. Pick 3 and get quotes – check them out. Try to do the project when contractors are not busy with construction periods. Then pick one to do the install project and get the door, windows, etc., from Lowes, Home Depot or Menards. Let the contractor pick them up at the store. Don’t use the Home Depot or Lowes installation services.

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