Knock Your Clients’ Socks Off: 6 Customer Service Musts

Agents who provide superior customer service build bonds with their clients that lead to long-term relationships. Therefore, the service you provide lies at the heart of your referral pipeline. It’s not good enough to be average when it comes to your customers’ experience. There are many agents to choose from, so you have to prevent your clients from looking elsewhere. Make sure that your excitement and desire to work with a customer is matched by your words, your actions and your behavior.

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Put on Your Friendly Face

First impressions are crucial. Whether a client likes you is determined in the first few seconds of meeting. You can have the most professional marketing materials in the world but the test of your likeability and trust comes in the first connection. If early on you aren’t projecting warmth and friendliness, and putting your to-be client at ease quickly, the chances of getting to the next level of a business relationship are reduced.

Text Your Leads

Conventional wisdom says to call a lead, but more than 90 percent of people respond to texts within five minutes. And keep texting and calling them. Research shows that it takes on average six attempts to get a hold of a new client, so your persistence pays off. When you text, make your copy concise and action oriented, such as “I’m setting my appts for the next few days, what day and time would work best for us to meet?”

Communicate All News Good and Bad

If you aren’t brave enough to make a hard phone call, real estate might not be for you. Clients expect you to not be afraid to pick up the phone and deliver bad, conflicting or contrary news. And, the quicker you communicate with a client, the better for all involved. You increase the chances your client will want to use your services again or refer you to others when you demonstrate the ability to communicate bad news effectively.

Learn From Bad Experiences

It’s a good idea in your early interactions with clients to ask them what they didn’t like about their last Realtor. Odds are, the list of what went poorly, or not as the expected, will tell you a lot about how to conduct yourself with the client. Sometimes a complaint might be around communication such as, “My agent would never call me back!” or “My agent didn’t keep me updated.” Take notes of these negatives and use them to inform your responses.

Inform and Educate

Many clients don’t have a clue about what lies ahead in their transaction. It’s important to spend time with them at the very beginning, giving them a short-course on what to expect during their buying or selling process. For example, explain your commission. Many clients think agents are paid a lot for doing little. So explain how it works; how a commission split works, the fees involved, the cost of things like photography and marketing, etc. Make sure they know key terms and people such as what earnest money is, who escrow is, what title does. The more informed they are, the more likely they’ll be positive about the process.

Do the Extras

The key to rising above the crowd is to consistently exceed expectations. Do you roll up your sleeves and stain a fence, perform minor maintenance, plant plants? How about advising clients on how to protect their credit or their identity throughout the transaction? Do you refer and meet contractors at the house, even if the client is there, too? Do you regularly send thank you cards, pay for a bill that might be someone else’s responsibility, or call back with an answer sooner than the client expected? Showing your willingness to step in and get involved. Advising clients on topics that might seem over the top to other agents is a sure-fire way to be a stand-out in your clients’ minds and build a positive reputation.

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