Inexpensive Ways to Conference over the Net

Thanks to the introduction of VoIP based technology, businesses can indulge in low cost video conferencing services, which facilitate communication between business units, partners, suppliers, and other stake holder by means of telecommunication without the physical presence of the people participating in the net based conferences. Let us discuss some of the best and the most inexpensive ways of conferencing over the internet.Inexpensive ways to conference over th enet

Adobe Connect

This is one of the most popular and cheapest means of teleconferencing, wherein the participants have the privilege of using Flash capabilities, iOS as well as Android. Once of the most pivotal USP of the Adobe Connect is its cross platform consistency. Since it is entirely scripted in Flash, its functionality is almost similar to any other platform that supports Flash. This means, uses can also join conferences over native iOS, Blackberry as well as Android based apps. The Adobe Connect can be used for the purpose of Screen Sharing, and it also comes up with a wide variety of features like follow-focus, administrative control over the microphones and cameras.

Brother OmniJoin

This is another extremely low cost means of teleconferencing, which offers Windows and OS X support, which also offers high end, low cost video conferencing hardware for the clients. The platform comes up with a string of value added features, which include in-built option of recording the entire meetings, including all the client screen activities and save them in an MP4 file. Another very handy feature includes the ability to import a MS PowerPoint document directly into the client chat option, and share the same with the other participants of the meeting in real time.

Cisco WebEx Meetings

This is another pretty popular means of teleconferencing, which allows 3 participants to chat with each other in real time with one host and a SD video. Interactivity includes whiteboarding, document as well as desktop sharing, and a sharable and uploadable file and document repository that can hold up to 250 mb of data. This platforem uses Java for downloading and running an appropriate application for the Windows as well as OS X platform that is being used.

Citirix GoTo Meeting

This is another low cost teleconferencing option, which helps in organizing multiple components like videos of participants, control panels, and the likes in a single window. However, the platform comes up with other components like multiple floating windows, which can host webcams as well as video chat options, the control panel needed for the meetings, and icons for the crucial functions like whiteboarding, camera, microphone control. The main control panel can again be divided into several subpanels, which can be expanded as well as contracted or collapsed to tuck away the unwanted options.

Google Hangouts

This is another very popular cheap way of video conferencing, in which the chat interfaces places the talking heads of every participant in a row alongside the bottom, wherein the speaker enjoys the maximum display. Just like Skype, Hangouts switches the vide fees, so that the speaker can enjoy the maximum prominent and space within the platform. There also screen sharing options like Skype as well.

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Michelle Patterson is excited with the new technologies that are threatening to change the way we stay in touch and communicate, particular in business. She works with companies that are introducing these technologies to make understanding them easy for regular people.

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