Obihai ObI1022 phone reviewed


First a Chinese learning application

First an app plug. Chinese Skill is a great Android and IOS app for learning Mandarin. It’s similar to the DuoLingo app for other languages (i.e. Russian, Spanish and Porguguese). It works on Android and IOS. Also look for the Perapera Chinese Popup Dictonary extension for Google Chrome and Firefox. You might also try the Zhongwen Firefox and Chrome Chinese plugin

Well, this might be a bit nerdy or geeky. But there is a PC (perhaps Mac also) on File Hippo . It’s called BlueStacks App Player. But I can use it as a pseudo software emulation environment on my PC. Then I can install and work with Chinese Skill app, without having to use an Android or an IOS device. You just need an active Gmail account.

Now to Obi1022


Obi1022 can be found on Amazon. Technically, this is a business phone. But I love using it with a personal Google Voice account. The chief advantage is ht HD sound quality. Compared to Ooma – which boasts about its sound quality – this is much better. Amazon gives me a 30 day return window, so I could test it out.

Obihai does have advantages I really enjoy. They have official relationships with Google Voice and Ring To, which are both free services. I have OBI200 hooked up to Google Voice and Ring To. And Obi2200 hooked up to Google Voice.

What you need to do is have an Obitalk account set up. Then after setting it up, according to the quick start instructions, I highly recommend the next step: Firmware updates. I like to check my Windows 10 and Android devices daily for either operating system or application software updates. I make a weekly check on my Obihai devices for firmware updates. This way, you insure the systems are running as smoothly as possible, with the latest bells and whistles. You can do this one of two ways:

By an inform icon in the Obitalk portal

By dialing ***6 from the phone. I prefer this way, since it is much quicker.

The other element is the hands free, speaker phone mode. I can call or receive calls without the hassle of putting a phone to my ear. This allows me to write, read emails, learn languages, etc. Of course, this is only for formal chit chat. If it is an important call, it will have my full attention. And there is an HD quality that’s much better then the Ooma advised quality. I know, since I’ve been an Ooma user for 3 years. That is, until I’ve finally converted to an Obahi solution, coupled with my cell phone plan.

The phone also has some features I really enjoy.

Redial list: It gives me a list of phone numbers that called me, when I was unavailable. Should I to to call them back, I just click on the number and let it dial. This way, I can call back whenever I wish.

Lines: I have Google Voice set up. But if you have other business lines, you can easily switch to them, by selecting the appropriate phone button. Since I’m not paying for other business phones and just using the free Google Voice account, this should suffice for now.

Call back on another line. This I learned about recently. I was calling my cousin and her husband on line 1. But she called me back while I was dialing and it ending up dialing line 2. This is fascinating to me and a good extra benefit.


I have OBI022 hooked up to Google Voice and Ring To. And Obi120000 hooked up to Google Voice.

I have this system hooked up to a DECT Vtech phone system, which is set up with Vtech phones over the condo. But I prefer making calls via the Obi1022. The HD sound quality is excellent.

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