Why Green Tech is Good for Business, As Well as The Environment

The government’s stance of green technology and the environment has changed considerably since Barack Obama stood down and Donald Trump entered the Oval Office. This has left both B2B Green technology companies and enlightened investors in a difficult position, as they struggle to ascertain how this new governmental stance will affect the industry and whether the rapidly changing regulations surrounding the environmental market will have a negative impact on their existing investments. Certainly, green tech is not the fail-safe investment that it once was (particularly under the stewardship of Barak Obama) but

The Trump administration attitude is that environmental concerns should not stand in the way of corporate progress, but in reality, green tech is good for business rather than holding it back. Some of the largest corporations based in the US have recently signed a joint statement announcing that they are committed to continuing to use renewable power throughout their sizeable organisations: the corporations that made these commitments include Apple, Alphabet, and Microsoft.

Go Green to Boost Your Own Business

Introducing green innovations to your own B2B company, as well as supporting and investing in innovative green start-ups, is a great way to protect the environment whilst simultaneously boosting your own business. Enlightened consumers like to know that the businesses they are choosing to work with have environmental aspirations, and ensuring that your company has a visible green policy doesn’t have to cost a fortune. If your budget won’t stretch to new green technology innovation then why not consider smaller ways that your business can contribute to a more environmentally friendly economy: a great place to start is switching your energy supplier to one that is committed to only supplying energy from green sources. You could also think about going paperless or, if that simply isn’t viable for your business model, look at the way that you recycle your paper. These simple changes are enough to be considered a company environmental policy, and are a great place to start.

Does this mean that now is the right time to make a significant financial investment in the green technology markets? There’s no right or wrong answer to this question, and any potential investment opportunities should be assessed day by day. What we do know though is that the negative impact of the Trump administration’s stance is unlikely to be as wide reaching as it was anticipated to be prior to the President’s inauguration: this is because many of the federal recommendations surrounding environmental control are not being implemented at a state level. Many states, including financially important states such as California and New York, have reaffirmed their commitment in the last couple of months to reducing their state-wide carbon emissions, continuing with the targets they set under the Obama administration.  These states are working together, and working with the businesses under their jurisdiction, to exceed these targets where possible. This is a great example of states leading by example and showing what can still be achieved when federal funding has been cut.

The Green Tech bubble 2.0 has not burst: people want to see green technology succeed and are prepared to invest in it both for personal use and for their companies. This shift in perception has happened in conjunction with a boost in the technologies that can make these concepts an affordable reality. As digital technologies have developed and innovation is moving at a rapid pace, green tech is now in a position to have the systems in place behind it to put his money where its mouth is.

Big Business Leading By Example

Where government is choosing to take a step back, our nation’s largest corporations are stepping up to the plate and putting their money where their mouth is: showing their commitment to sourcing and using green and renewable energy sources throughout their business. As small and medium B2B businesses, there are a myriad of benefits to be reaped from stepping up to this same plate and following their example. This is an area of investment that is ripe for exploitation, If you are prepared to strike whilst the iron is hot.


Author Gemma (Banks) is a freelance business and finance writer. After a successful career she needed something more flexible to fit around family life after becoming a mother. Writing gives Gemma that flexibility and also enables her to keep her skills refreshed and up to date in the business sector.
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