How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack (Infographic)

Cyber attacks are proliferating in number and complexity. From the exposed personal information of customers to fraudulent tax returns, recent high-profile cyber crimes have proven that every business needs have a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy.

However, the Equifax breach of 2017 has also shown us that companies might be as prepared as they think they are. An IBM report found that 77% of organizations admitted to not having a formal cybersecurity response plan in place. Almost half of those surveyed said their plan was ad hoc if one existed at all.  

A thorough cybersecurity plan is both preventive and proactive. It covers multiple cyber attack entry points like insider threats, unsecured accounts, and weak passwords, as well as extends into the organization’s operations such as internal audits and compliance with regulations.

While it’s impossible to have total security, a cybersecurity strategy will go a long way in minimizing the disruption, damage, and losses if your organization is hacked. To see how your company’s cybersecurity preparedness measures up, follow this infographic from Varonis and find out where you need to add more layers to your cybersecurity.

A special thanks to Varonis  for this graphic.

Cyber Attack Flowchart

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