Money tips for international business travel

If you aren’t used to it, traveling internationally can be tricky and seem daunting. Where should you eat? What’s the best place to meet with clients? Will you have the time to adjust to the jet lag? Should you take your business credit card? Do you know the local language, or will you need a translator? What is Dynamic Currency Conversion? There are often questions about questions and no answers in sight.

Before you get started on any of these issues, you need to have some international currency for the country you’re traveling to. It’s hard to keep track of currencies, exchange rates, and how much money you’re actually spending. Knowing when and where to exchange currency as well as how to budget for expenses are both incredibly useful skills to have in a foreign country. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by how much work goes into even this one aspect of international travel. Therefore, it’s important to have some simple, clear guidelines for what you should be doing, just so you can ensure nothing slips past you in all of the bustles.

To help with this, the folks over at Fundera have compiled an infographic with 10 money tips that international business travelers should know, from doing some good old-fashioned research to making sure you have the right kind of credit card to notify your bank. They also have a list of currencies of often-traveled-to countries and their exchange rates! This information is displayed in an easy to remember, a shareable format so you can have the info on hand whenever you need it. While some of these tips are common sense, it’s very easy to forget the small things when you’re busy preparing for a big trip. This list can help you make sure that you’re indeed ready to go abroad and excel there!


A special thanks to Fundera for this graphic.

Must-Know Money Tips for International Business Travel

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