Productivity Hacks For A Successful Businessman

There are two things that most successful businessman can’t afford – to lose money and to lose time! Sometimes time and money are interchangeable and losing one can lead to another being affected as well. With many nuances that every single day brings, you might get overwhelmed with things that might not be as important, but take away a large chunk of your time nonetheless.

To avoid these caveats that might bring down your productivity, you can deploy certain hacks for better efficiency at work. How you spend your workday is something that is entirely in your control and successful entrepreneurs differentiate themselves by having great organizational skills. To improve your daily workflow you can adopt these productivity hacks that can make you more successful.

Eat That Frog

There are certain things that we find most challenging or annoying, and we will avoid them as long as we can. We would rather do anything else, even cleaning your desktop with years old junk, than dealing with something hard. Here is where most productive people stand out from the rest of the flock.

All productivity masters tend to tackle the most challenging choirs first. As Mark Twain said: “Eat a live frog every morning, and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.” Dealing with the hardest tasks first in the morning, when you have most energy and willpower, will make all the other things effortless. There is also certain satisfaction when you finish the most arduous task first, that will give you extra energy for the rest of the day.

Stop putting up hard things for later and you will accomplish much more.

Deal with your Emails

Clearing up your inbox is one of the more time-consuming tasks during the day and one that people usually neglect most of the time. Important information will end stuffed with a ton of meaningless messages, so you’ll most likely either miss it or lose much time searching for it.

That is why great entrepreneurs, like Elon Musk, start their day with half-hour reading and responding to only the most important emails. Once he has covered all the critical messages then he can plan his day to address those critical tasks as a priority. Staying up to date with your inbox can help you identify the elephant in the room.

Also, separating your personal and business emails can lessen the noise in your inbox. Keeping your work-related messages in one place can highlight the most important messages. Aggressively unsubscribing from newsletters and other kinds of emails that can clutter your inbox is a good way to go as well.

Other hacks that can help you with your email productivity is thinking about the number of messages you send in one day. Was it necessary to send that question to Sandra or I could just Google it myself? Asking yourself these questions before typing out the email will reduce the time you spend reading and writing those emails.

Delegate Tasks

This is where most business owners get caught up. They think they have to do everything by themselves because nobody else can do it better. But, soon they realize that they would need to clone themselves or make their working time 18 hours per day. True businessman, especially small business owners, know when they need to delegate tasks to others.

If you need help there are many freelancers out there that can help you for certain tasks for a limited time. You can find great experts, relatively cheap and that will work on things that you find exhausting. In that way, you will delegate tasks with low impact on your business to others, while you are dealing with high-reward tasks at hand.

You don’t have to necessary delegate to people, you can automate certain tasks to technology as well. You can use your voice assistant on a smartphone to schedule a meeting in your calendar, send a message, buy a ticket, etc. Speed up document management with converter app by reusing old paper or PDF documents by automatically converting them to Word, signing e-documents with an e-signature app.

Delegating and automatizing certain tasks can let you decrease the time you spend with low-impact tasks and focus only on tasks that matter the most.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking, as it names says is working on multiple tasks at the same time. Does it mean that we can finish more work in less time? Absolutely wrong! Writing a report and responding to a phone call at the same time will cause you to make errors in writing and forget about important information from the call.

Multitasking is one the biggest productivity killers and some studies have shown that your IQ drops by 10 points and your productivity go down by 40% when you try to tackle multiple things at the time. Our brains just aren’t wired to work that way. Deal with one thing at a time and liberate your mind.

You could do the number of things to avoid multitasking. If working on a computer, close all irrelevant windows and leave only the one on which you are working. To avoid disturbance from your phone, you can turn on “flight mode” or use some of the apps that block you from entering other apps while working. To enter the fully focused mode, you need to spend 15-20 minutes concentrated on one thing.

A good tip is to use “Pomodoro technique” where you focus on one task for 25 minutes and then rest for 5 minutes. Once you finish your Pomodoro, you can write it down so you can see how much time you need for a certain task. You can work on the different task in each session to avoid being bored with dealing with one thing only.


Being productive is getting more things done in a certain time period. By having more productive periods in your day, you will ensure that the time you spent working will be used in a best possible way. What makes the businessman successful is not only how much money does he make, it is also how he spends his time. The greatest entrepreneurs are not super-humans, they just know how to deploy their efforts in the most efficient way.

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