29 ways to drive sales with coupons

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Offering consumers coupons and promo deals, like limited time offers and rebates, is an effective way for businesses to increase customer loyalty and influence purchasing decisions. Recent studies have shown that customers are increasingly searching out and using coupons and that they can influence both where shoppers buy and how much they spend, which makes them a vital part of any business strategy.


There are several incentives for businesses to use coupons, including:

  • Coupons can increase purchases: Consumers say coupons make them more likely to seek out something to buy, treat themselves to something they don’t need, purchase more items, and spend more than normal

  • Coupons help draw customers in 39% of customers say they’ve purchased a product from a brand they otherwise wouldn’t normally have bought from because they had a coupon for that brand.

  • Coupons influence customer goodwill toward brands: Consumers report feeling special, rewarded, and excited when they receive special offers.


To show you how to effectively integrate coupons into your business strategy, Wikibuy has put together an infographic with 29 tips and statistics on how to use coupons to grow your business. Check out the full infographic below to learn how to grab consumer attention, leverage customer insights, and capitalize on the right deals.

Thanks to Wikibuy for this graphic.

drive sales with coupons

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