How To Survive Life In The Gig Economy

There are now over 57 million American workers who collectively make up the gig economy. Technology is making it increasingly easy to be your own boss, working wherever and whenever you want. Companies like Uber and InstaCart are leaders in this movement.

However, when you’re working in the gig economy, sometimes work can be unstable. In fact, instability is one of the biggest factors keeping traditional workers from leaving their 9–5 jobs. So if you’ve decided to venture out as an independent contractor, how can you ensure you thrive?

This infographic from Self Lender reviews the 4 main reasons people join the gig economy such as better work-life balance and doing what you love. It then reviews the top 5 highest paying gig jobs — all of which are in tech.

This is courtesy of Self Lender for this graphic.

leveraging the gig economy

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