The Invisible cell phone service is now visible to me

Good news update: The good news is my Visible phone service is now operational, as of February 5, 2020.  Visible shipped me a new SIM card.  So the original appeared to be faulty.  I also changed the preferred network type, to correspond with the Verizon towers.  I can now make and receive a call.  And can access data.  I did inform Visible phone by chat, about my progress.  I’ll test the waters for a while until Verizon rolls out more of 5G.  And more 5G phones are available.  And Visible and Xfinity Mobile, are connected to Verizon 5G.

So I always prepare for the worst but hope and pray for the best. And I still keep Tracfone, as an emergency backup. And connect everything via Google Voice. And Consumer Cellular does a wonderful job, of walking folks through different phones. As the videos in this post illustrate.

Here is my initial post:

Recently, I signed up for a Visible cell phone service. They have one unlimited plan for $40 and are owned by Verizon.

Sound good?

Well, not for me.  Let me explain.

I brought a Moto E6 phone and one month of service, from Visible Phone Service – owned by Verizon.  I can’t make phone calls.  And I have done, all my due diligence.  I used to be a software engineer. And this has been going on since January 29, 2020.  When I opened a support ticket with Invisible.  Let’s trace my steps a bit.

  • When I received the Sim card and phone, I had a local phone care business in Illinois – put it in for me. And they also put in, an SD micro card.
  • I did the activation process and the phone shows connected, to the Visible network.
  • I can use Wifi with the phone. And update all the apps and operating system software, which I did. And also charge the battery OK.
  • Two professionals subsequently looked at my phone. An Indian tech friend and another computer and cell phone repair, in Illinois. Both noticed that there was no cell signal indicator light on, in the up right-hand corner – of Moto E6 phone. And the new shop verified that the SIM card and SD micro card were inserted properly.
  • The Moto E6 phone is used by such vendors as T-Mobile, Consumer Cellular and Xfinity Mobile. And Consumer Cellular produces some short informative videos, on putting Sim and SD cards into Moto E6.
  • For home, I use a VOIP system with Xfinity. But I can’t be on the road, without an operational cell phone. So I want to implement ASAP, a Visible or Xfinity Mobile solution.
  • I also confirmed with Boost Mobile, that they unlocked and released – my number to Visible.

I went to Family Dollar and got a Tracfone for $20 and 200 minutes for $30.  It’s my emergency cell phone for now.  And back up, when my main cell phone problem is resolved.  I tested it and it works.  I only need to load it every 90 days, with at least 100 minutes for $20.  I’ll wait for Visible and the ticket process, to contact me.   I did chat with the Xfinity Mobile via their chat line.

I’m still without a Visible cell phone service. Now I had no problem, either with Boost Mobile or Tracfone.  And I’ll update folks if Visible resolves my ticket.  Or Verizon communicates any effective feedback and solutions.

Well, anyway. I did

  • Have a professional install my SIM and SD Micro card. I did have a professional check the SIM card and SD micro card installation. And two professionals, verify it’s connected to the Visible network. And that no signal indicator is on.
  • I did open a support ticket with Invisible.
  • I opened up complaints against Verizon with the Better Business Bureau, the Illinois Attorney General’s office, and the Federal Trade Commission.
  • I did share my story, with thousands on my social media channels.
  • But I’m NOT getting any root cause, estimated completion time or what the problem might be – from Visible support.
  • Visible should have tested a Moto E6 with their SIM card, before offering it on their website.  I have never had this problem with other carriers, like Boost Mobile or TracFone.

The longer they take, to reach a resolution…the worse they look and the more red tape, they get entangled in. Since I have a Tracfone option, I can wait and see – how things play out.

  • Best-case scenario.  One of the Invisible “engineers” or “experts”, can “quickly” resolve this issue. And I will continue to apply, ALL android and app system updates.
  • Worst-case scenario. I start a quest, for ALL the US media action lines.  And file complaints.  Until one gets the attention of Verizon, to intervene and resolve my issue.

Down the road, when Verizon rolls out more of 5G connectivity…and more 5G phone options are available, I’ll switch over to Xfinity Mobile on Verizon.

And what error messages am I getting?

  • The message: “Cellular network not available for voice calls.” This is when I try to call a number
  • Oh, yes.  This message comes on Fed Ex shipments to me – from Invisible.  “Delivery option(s) aren’t available due to shipper restrictions. Please contact the shipper.”  This comes on the Fed Ex option when I clicked the tab “manage delivery”.  I can’t ask for the shipment to be picked up, at a Fed Ex facility – like Walgreens. So I have to arrange with the local Fed Ex office, to pick it up from them.  If Invisible eliminated the shipment signature requirement, I could have it sent to Walgreens.  I still have to sign for it. I’m usually gone during the day.

And this video by Consumer Cellular shows how easy, Moto E6 SIM card insertion is.

Here is a video, showing the Moto E6 signal strength indicator and Wifi indicator.

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