15 Surprisingly Hackable Things At Work

15 Surprisingly Hackable Things In Your Life

Cyber attacks aren’t something that we necessarily worry about in our everyday life. In fact, it seems we only really start worrying about them only when they are happening. Before it used to be that we just needed to download the latest cybersecurity software, but now, due to the Internet of Things (the interconnectedness of all online devices), our days of not having to worry about hacks are practically at an end. 

Forbes reported how a hacker was able to easily take control of a crane on a worksite with a line of code. It was soon discovered that the attack code was able to successfully infiltrate every piece of equipment on all the construction sites they tested. 

BigRentz, a construction rental company, was shocked to read how easy it was to take control of construction equipment and decided to see what else could be hacked, and they were shocked by what they found.

Everything from the air conditioning system in your office to the coffee maker in your house can be accessed to cause disruption and steal your data. Education is the first step to defending yourself, and BigRentz decided to compile their discovery into an infographic so you can prepare yourself in case of a cyber attack.

hackable things at work infographic

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