Benefits and Drawbacks of Side Hustling

As side hustling is becoming such a popular form of work, it’s important to be aware of the benefits and challenges that come along with this type of gig. Seeing as 33 percent of the U.S. workforce is gig work, it’s clear that we are moving more and more in the direction of remote- and freelance-style positions. 

Working as a “serial side hustler” is a new phenomenon that is changing the game for the U.S. economy. Whether you are an experienced freelancer or are just starting out with side hustling, here are some of the most important benefits and drawbacks to know about working as a serial side hustler.

Balancing a Day Job and Side Hustle

If you have a day job and side hustle for extra cash, it can become difficult to balance the two while still maintaining some time for yourself. Some of the biggest factors to consider when working a side hustle and day job include:

  • No downtime: If you are just starting out doing gig work, it can be extremely time-intensive until you get the hang of it. Try to combat this by scheduling out some time for yourself to destress and relax.
  • Dip in day job performance: It can be easy to get burnt out trying to work a day job and side hustle—you need to be sure your side gig isn’t impacting your quality of work at your day job. Try blocking out time in your schedule specifically for gig work and stick to working only during those predetermined time slots. 
  • Less time with friends and family: Balancing your day job and side gig is difficult, so try to pre-plan time to spend with your friends and family to ensure you’re still getting the social interaction and rest time you need. 

Full-Time Side Hustling

If you side hustles full-time, there are still many challenges that you may face. It’s important for full-time gig workers to consider the scalability of the job you are doing—can it be turned into a company? Is there long-term potential?

You should be trying to consider the potential growth of your gig to see if there is potential for new levels of success. However, it’s important to remember that there are still some big challenges faced by full-time side hustlers:

  • Burnout: It can be hard to set boundaries between your personal life and side hustle, which eventually leads to burnout. Try taking an afternoon walk or calling a friend to give yourself a break to relax and recharge. 
  • Missing deadlines: When juggling multiple side gigs, it’s easy to get confused and end up missing a deadline. Try having a separate calendar for each job that can be put together in one master calendar, such as Google calendar. 
  • Lack of structure: Many side-hustle jobs work from home, so not having the structure of a physical office combined with setting your own schedule can be a difficult task for some people. Try using time management tools to help you better structure your work processes. 

If you are interested in starting some freelance work or creating a side hustle, check out the infographic by ZenBusiness below to learn the top tips for serial side hustlers.  

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