Science-Backed Remote Work Benefits

Science-Backed Remote Work Benefits 

Due to social distancing measures put in place in response to the COVID-19 outbreak, employees all over the world were sent home to work. Though the majority of companies made this decision to pivot to remote work out of necessity, companies like Twitter have begun to offer this option to employees indefinitely even as social distancing procedures are rolled back. It is safe to say that whether the world is ready or not, remote working is here to stay. As more employees start to seek out this new work environment it is crucial for them to realize the many benefits of remote work so that they can take full advantage of this new reality.

Remote work comes with its fair share of challenges but the extra distractions and lack of camaraderie, are often worth the benefits for most people. From the flexibility to the extra time with family, the perks of working from home can improve productivity, satisfaction, and overallĀ  mental health. This guide from LiveCareer showcases a handful of the benefits of remote work and specific ways that workers can fully take advantage of every perk.

A special thanks to LiveCareer for this infographic.


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