Testing hypotheses

Today I reflect on the hypothesis. This is defined as, “a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation..” So suppose I believe that the earth is flat. This is a hypothesis. And most people wouldn’t agree with it. And the burden of proof is on me,

Now let’s look at the election results. Trump could have the hypothesis, that he lost because of election fraud. I could have the hypothesis, that crazy corona was campaigning against him. And folks are displeased with how he was handling Covid-19. How do we test these hypotheses? Or how do I test the flat earth hypothesis? I can even present videos, to prove the earth is flat.

Or, as a Christian…I can present videos that show, that the zombie apocalypse, is the most probable – end times tribulation theory.

Or how do I prove the hypothesis that homeopathy works? And it is not a placebo effect or quackery? And can even give folks in this pandemic, a good fighting chance? Under the right expert guidance?

If homeopathy is either quackery or the placebo effect, then why is the FDA doing this? http://ow.ly/RDT650Cnocz Then on the other hand: https://bit.ly/36JEUOY

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